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Take your first steps in a career with the Air Force by joining AFROTC Detachment 775 at the University of South Carolina

How to Join

AFROTC is normally a 4-year program, but in some cases, you can complete the program in 3 years.  At a minimum, you must have 6 semesters remaining in your academic program to join AFROTC.

  • College freshmen, through Self-Service Carolina (SSC), will register for the AFROTC academic course called AERO 101: The Foundations of the Air Force. Additionally, you will register for the Leadership Laboratory course called AERO 101L: Initial Military Training Cadet Leadership Laboratory.
  • College sophomores will register for two AFROTC academic courses called AERO 101 and AERO 201: The Evolution of the Air Force. Additionally, sophomores will enroll in the Leadership Laboratory called AERO 201L: Initial Field Training Preparation Cadet Leadership Laboratory.
  • Our crosstown program allows students from the following schools to participate in the AFROTC program at the University of South Carolina: Claflin University, Benedict College, Columbia College, and South Carolina State University. To join our program, crosstown students must follow the below process:

1. Submit the online undergraduate non-degree application

  • a. Application link:

  •  b. Application fee: $25 per semester

  •  c. Tuition Cost: $17 per credit hour

  •  d. In the “Program” section of the application students should select “ROTC Cross Campus.”

  •  e. Students will also request the “Crosstown Enrollment Memo” from the Air Force ROTC staff. Once signed, students will email the form to Bursar’s Office: to receive a tuition reduction. Memos will be submitted per semester to continue to receive tuition reduction.

2. Application Review 

  • a. Once the Office of Undergraduate Admissions receives the application, students will be notified via email that they will need to submit a Transient Permission Form from their home institution and a ROTC Cadet MOA from the ROTC program. Students will receive the Transient Permission form from their home institution and the ROTC Cadet MOA from Air Force ROTC.

3. Acceptance: 

  • a. Students who are offered admission will be notified via email. They will be able to access their acceptance letter and the “Next Steps” document in their application portal.

4. The “Next Steps for Admitted Students” document will instruct the student to: 

  • a. Set up their self-service Carolina account. 
  • b. Set up their USC student email account. 
  • c. Submit citizenship verification and immunization forms. 
  • i. If this is not completed, you will not be able to register. 
  • d. Register for the appropriate freshman or sophomore courses. AERO 101 and AERO 101L for freshmen. AERO 101, AERO 102, and AERO 102L for sophomores.  
  • ii. If you have an “advisement hold,” or your account says you aren’t able to register without being advised, contact USC at the number below to lift your advisement hold: 803-777-9850. 
  • e. Obtain a CarolinaCard (Student ID Card) in the basement of the Russell House Building. 
  • i. You will not be able to access the ROTC building or the Blatt Gym for PT without this card. 
  • ii. Report your VIP ID Number from your USC student account to Ms. Olivia Cable ( to gain building access. 

Program Requirements

  • All cadets must be enrolled as a full-time student at the main UofSC campus, satellite UofSC campus, or approved crosstown school (Claflin University, Benedict College, Columbia College, and South Carolina State University). 
  • To remain in the program, cadets must maintain a minimum 2.0 grade point average (GPA). However, cadets on scholarship must maintain at least a 2.5 GPA to retain the scholarship.  
  • We strive to push our cadets to achieve a 3.5 GPA or higher. Due to our efforts, Detachment 775 has consecutively ranked #1 in GPA for the AFROTC Southeast Region. A higher GPA will make you more competitive for scholarships, professional development opportunities, Field Training selection, and eventually jobs in the Air and Space Forces.  
  • All cadets must be physically prepared for the rigors of Air Force ROTC and their careers in the military. As a result, all cadets must undergo a medical examination by a military doctor or designated civilian contractor. The medical examination will be scheduled and reviewed by the Department of Defense Medical Examination Review Board (DoDMERB) 
  • Students competing for the High School Scholarship Program will be automatically forwarded from DoDMERB to the Air Education and Training Commander Surgeon General for consideration. 
  • Non-High School Scholarship cadets will begin the medical examination process once enrolled in the AFROTC program at UofSC. Cadre will initiate this process for you.  
  • Each semester cadets will perform the Air Force Physical Fitness Assessment, which includes a 1.5-mile run, pushups, sit-ups, and a waist measurement.  
  • Non-scholarship and non-contracted cadets can initially participate in the program if physical fitness standards are not met. However, cadets must meet physical fitness standards to be competed and selected for scholarships. Additionally, physical fitness standards must be met before cadets are selected for Field Training, which occurs the summer before your junior year. It is imperative that cadets take physical fitness seriously. At a minimum, cadets will attend two mandatory Physical Training (PT) sessions per week 
  • Scholarship and contracted cadets must meet Air Force ROTC weight and fitness standards each semester. Failure to meet standards may result in loss of scholarship and/or elimination from the program.  

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Frequently Asked Questions


No, Air Force ROTC does have scholarship money available and we will submit eligible and deserving cadets for those scholarships, but the vast majority of our cadets go the entire four years and pay for college on their own.


No, cadets will be required to deploy during their time in the Air Force ROTC program. However, after graduation and commissioning into the Air Force that is a possibility.


No, cadets are not required to sign a contract until returning from Field Training unless they accept a scholarship prior to attending Field Training.


 Yes, cadets are required to complete all necessary documentation prior to being issued military uniforms, and they are normally only worn one day per week.




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