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Marine Aviation Guarantee Request

This page is to assist you in assembling your Marine Corps Aviation Request package. Keep in mind, you are entirely responsible for ensuring that your package is complete and has all of the required enclosures and is submitted to the AMOI on time.

All future Marine Officers, who aspire to become naval aviators, need to understand that a request for guaranteed assignment as a student naval aviator is time consuming; it can take up to 6 Months to complete the application alone. Recognizing this, anyone interested should immediately see the AMOI. The applicant's PRIMARY timeline to start their application process is NLT January of their PRE-OCS year. The ALTERNATE timeline to start is August of their commissioning year.


There are two package examples below. One is standard; the other is set-up for an applicant requiring an ASTB waiver. Waivers are only given to those who are within one (1) point of the minimum score.


Your aviation package requires the following enclosures. (click on the links for the appropriate forms).

    Once you have completed your package, you will turn it in to the AMOI to be reviewed for correctness. The AMOI will forward it to the MOI for review and comments before it is endorsed by the Commanding Officer. 



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