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Marine Option Scholarship Application

This page is set up to assist you in assembling your Marine Corps Scholarship package. Remember, it is entirely your responsibility to prepare your package completely and properly with all of the required enclosures.

Application Process & Procedures

The Scholarship Timeline is published by Marine Corps Recruiting Command, which convenes three scholarship boards a year. Contact the Assistant Marine Officer Instructor to find out the exact date packages are due to the Marine Officer Instructor for endorsement.

Packages are due to the AMOI on the following dates:

  • 1 September
  • 15 January
  • 1 June


To be Competitive for a Scholarship you need the following:

  1. PHYSICAL: Applicant must score a 1st Class on the Marine Corps PFT. Minimum score required to apply is 225. Historical benchmark for freshman to be awarded is 260. Sophomores and Juniors is 285.
  2. ACADEMIC: Maintain a Cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher. (Note: Competition is stiff; the higher your GPA, the better your chances.) Historically, the benchmark for awardees is a 3.2.
  3. CHARACTER: Applicant must demonstrate the potential to serve as a Commissioned Officer in the Marine Corps by doing the following:
    1. Satisfactory performance at "Semper Fi" PT.
    2. Proper attendance and participation in all Battalion functions. If you do not participate, you will not receive a favorable endorsement from the MOI.
    3. Military Appearance; Maintain proper height and weight standards; Haircut once a week; Proper shave; Proper wear of the uniform.

Your Scholarship Application must include all of the following:



Once you have your package completed, give it to the AMOI to be checked for accuracy. Once the AMOI has reviewed your application, you will need to schedule an appointment with the MOI in order to receive an endorsement.


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