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College of Arts and Sciences

Summer at CAS

We're committed to helping you meet your academic and professional goals on your time. For many students, summer classes allow them the flexibility they need.

Summer courses at USC are open to our students and those from other colleges and schools. Students take the courses for a number of reasons, including early graduation, the addition of a minor to enhance the major, access to popular classes that may be full during other semesters and the option of completing an intensive course in a focused, shorter amount of time. Our summer semester runs from early May to August, and several sessions are offered during those months.


Foundational Courses

All USC undergraduate students have one thing in common: they complete the Carolina Core. These courses are designed to help you develop competency in communication, analytical reasoning and problem-solving, scientific literacy, information literacy and the arts. Topics in global citizenship and multicultural understanding as well as values, ethics and social responsibility are explored. Some Carolina Core courses are available every summer, and many students choose to take them during that time, either to lighten their load in the coming year or to move on to more specialized courses sooner.


Intensive Courses

During our summer session, we offer intensive courses in chemistry, Spanish and speech. These accelerated courses can be a great way to take time to focus on one subject and get the most out of your experience.


Study Abroad

Many students take advantage of study abroad opportunities over the summer. Earning college credits while traveling is a great way to enhance your education. The university's Study Abroad Office can help you explore your options.