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Department of Theatre and Dance

2017 Main Stage Theatre Banner

Main Stage

The grand stages of Drayton Hall Theatre and the historic Longstreet Theatre are the places to catch this season's main stage productions. Enjoy madcap Shakespearean humor, a timeless American classic or a modern approach to a Jane Austen favorite.

2017-2018 Season

12th Night illustration

Twelfth Night

Director Louis Butelli stages one of Shakespeare’s most beloved comedies from October 6-14, 2017 at Drayton Hall Theatre. "Twelfth Night" is a madcap tale of mistaken identity and unrequited love. After a shipwreck, twins Sebastian and Viola become stranded — and separated — on the island kingdom of Illyria. To survive, Viola disguises herself as a boy (Cesario), so she can work for the nobleman Orsino, whom she secretly loves. Her new identity piques the romantic interest of the Lady Olivia, who is being courted by Orsino. When Viola’s long-lost brother shows up and is mistaken by Olivia as Cesario, the love triangle becomes even more delightfully entangled.   

The Crucible illustration

The Crucible

Director Robert Richmond stages Arthur Miller’s American classic, "The Crucible," February 2-10 at Longstreet Theatre. Based on historical records, The Crucible portrays the tragic horror of the Salem witch trials of 1692. After being accused of breaking the town’s strict moral codes, a group of teen girls claim to have been overtaken by witchcraft. Their finger-pointing causes an epidemic of paranoia in the town, leading to a harrowing and deadly inquisition that leaves no one safe from suspicion. 

Sense and Sensibility illustration

Sense and Sensibility

Based on the novel by Jane Austen and directed by Lindsay Rae-Taylor, "Sense and Sensibility" graces the Drayton Hall Theatre stage from April 13-21, 2018. A critical smash when it premiered in 2014, Kate Hamill’s exuberant adaptation brings a comic, theatrical flair to Jane Austen’s perennial favorite. The Dashwood sisters — prudent Elinore and impulsive Marianne — find their world turned upside down upon the death of their father, which robs them of their wealth, social standing, and most importantly, chances for marriage. As they struggle to navigate a life of little means and become entangled in complicated romances, the sisters must learn from their opposite temperaments to find true happiness.  


Artwork for the 2017-18 Main Stage season by Sophie Tipton.