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School of Visual Art and Design

  • Stormwater Studios

Spring 2021 Student Exhibitions

SVAD students can apply for a 1-week exhibition in the SVAD Studio at Stormwater Studios, a private studio space in downtown Columbia, SC. Students receive 24/7 access to the studio over their exhibition period.  Students will be provided an online exhibition webpage at as part of their exhibition and must provide photos or videos to complete the virtual part of their exhibition. Each exhibition in the SVAD Studio is for a virtual exhibition only – no visitors or public exhibitions are allowed at this time. Stormwater Studios remains closed to the public.

View and download the application. Submit your application by email to Anna Toptchi (, Coordinator of Community programs, by 11:59 PM on March 7, 2021. 



What if I don’t know my exhibition title yet?

That’s okay! Students can always finalize their show title at a later time. The important thing is to get a time slot reserved for your exhibition.

What if I haven’t made all of the work for it yet?

That is also okay. You can keep working on all of your pieces until your exhibition slot. You can later decide exactly how many pieces you want to include.

What kind of recommendation is necessary?

You should ask a professor who knows you in the studio classroom or from other areas at SVAD. The recommendation should be an email from the faculty member to Anna Toptchi.

 Should I apply? I don’t have much experience installing art.

Yes! You should still apply. You will learn how to install and photograph your work in this experience. You can experiment with exhibition design, layout, and photography of your works.

Can someone be present at Stormwater to help me install?

Yes, you can have a helper in the studio.


Contact Anna Toptchi,, with any additional questions. 

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