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Walker Institute

Russian and Eurasian Courses

This region is increasingly important in international business and politics, making this minor a great option for students majoring in business or political science. 

Two years of college-level study (or equivalent level of mastery) of Russian or one of the other languages of the region. The prerequisite may be satisfied by successful completion of RUSS 202 or a placement examination arranged with the RES Director.

Required Courses (3 Hours)

  • RUSS 280-Introduction to Russian Civilization


History or Political Science Elective (3 Hours)

  • POLI 480-Politics and Government of Russia


Electives (12 Hours) 

  • FORL 398-Selected Topics
  • HIST 342-The Slavs in History
  • HIST 343-The Fall of the Eastern European Empire
  • HIST 344-Eastern Europe Since WWI
  • POLI 440-Russian Foreign Policy
  • POLI 480-Politics and Government of Russia
  • RUSS 319-Nineteenth-Century Russian Literature in Translation (offered fall 2017)
  • RUSS 320-Twentieth-Century Russian Literature in Translation
  • RUSS 398-Topic: Contemporary Russian Culture Through Film
  • RUSS 598-Topic: Medieval Russian Culture

Students whose primary focus is a country other than Russia may petition the Director of Russian and Eurasian Studies to substitute a similar survey course on another region for RUSS 280 or the History or Political Elective.

Students may substitute another course with substantial Russian or Eurasian studies content with the approval of the Director of Russian and Eurasian Studies.


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