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Women’s and Gender Studies Program

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Our certificate program features a multidisciplinary faculty, curriculum and student body, and offers a range of opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship, professional development and community involvement.

The University of South Carolina’s graduate program in Women’s and Gender Studies (WGST) is dedicated to promoting knowledge about women, gender, sexuality, and diversity. As part of the oldest and largest interdisciplinary program at USC, our graduate program benefits from deeply established ties to scholarly and activist communities across the campus, the city, the region, and the nation. The program features a multidisciplinary faculty, curriculum, and student body, and offers a range of opportunities for interdisciplinary scholarship, professional development, and community involvement.


The Certificate

Our certificate program can be completed in conjunction with a master's or doctoral degree in another discipline or as a stand-alone program for full-time students and working professionals. We also offer teaching and research assistantships to our students. 

Required Courses: 9 hours

  • WGST 701 - Feminist Theories and Epistemologies (3)
  • WGST 797 - Seminar in Women's Studies (3)
  • WGST or cross-listed course (3)

Elective Courses: 9 hours

Each student must take at least 9 credits in elective courses. All electives must be approved by the Graduate Director.

TOTAL: 18 hours 


  • WGST 515 - Race, Gender, and Graphic Novels
  • WGST 525 - The Psychology of the Midlife Woman
  • WGST 535 - Ecofeminism
  • WGST 541 - Issues in Women’s Health
  • WGST 554 - Women and Crime
  • WGST 555 - Language and Gender
  • WGST 598 - Special Topics in Women’s & Gender Studies
  • WGST 621 - Maternal and Child Health
  • WGST 701 - Feminist Theory and Epistemologies
  • WGST 704 - Political Theory and Feminism
  • WGST 705 - Race, Class, Gender, and Sexuality
  • WGST 708 - Women in American Politics
  • WGST 709 - Women Explorers and Travelers
  • WGST 714 - Nutrition in Women’s Health
  • WGST 716 - Women’s Studies Workshop
  • WGST 736 - Women, Work, and Health: Global Perspectives
  • WGST 737 - Topics in British Women Writers
  • WGST 738 - Topics in American Women Writers
  • WGST 750 - Psychology of Women
  • WGST 757 - African American Women in Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries
  • WGST 764 - History of American Women
  • WGST 767 - Feminist Perspectives in Social Work Practice
  • WGST 772 - Gender and Culture
  • WGST 790 - Directed Reading and Research
  • WGST 796 - Special Topics in Women’s Studies
  • WGST 797 - Seminar in Women’s Studies

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Our Faculty 

One of our program's greatest strengths is our multi-disciplinary faculty. We represent more than 50 departments and 11 schools and colleges, allowing our program to complement for diverse areas of study and professional development.

 You can find our Gainful Employment Disclosure and the Graduate School General Information Gainful Employment Disclosure on the Graduate School website. 


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