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M. Sun, N. Kreis, K. Chen, X. Fu, S. Guo*, and H. Wang*, "Covellite Nanodisks and Digenite Nanorings: Colloidal Synthesis, Phase Transitions, and Optical Properties", Chemistry of Materials, 2021, 33, 8546−8558.


Q. F. Zhang, K. Chen, and H. Wang*, "Hot Hole-Induced Molecular Scissoring: A Case Study of Plasmon-Driven Decarboxylation of Aromatic Carboxylates", Journal of Physical Chemistry C 2021, 125, 20958−20971.


K. Metavarayuth, E. Villarreal, H. Wang, and Q. Wang*, "Surface topography and free energy regulate osteogenesis of stem cells: effects of shape-controlled gold nanoparticles", Biomaterials Translational 2021, 2 (2): 165-173.


K. Chen and H.Wang*, "Plasmon-Driven Photocatalytic Molecular Transformations on Metallic Nanostructure Surfaces: Mechanistic Insights Gained from Plasmon-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy", Molecular Systems Design & Engineering 2021, 6, 250-280 (Invited Review Article).


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