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College of Information and Communications

Faculty and Staff

Paul Solomon, Ph.D.

Title: Associate Professor
Department: School of Library and Information Science
College of Information and Communications
Phone: 803-777-5512
Fax: 803-777-7938
Office: School of Library and Information Science
Davis College, Room 101
1501 Greene Street
Columbia, SC 29208

Curriculum Vitae



B.S., Business Administration, Penn State University
M.B.A., Information Systems, University of Washington
M.L.S., Information Science, University of Maryland
Ph.D., Information Science, University of Maryland


Most of Dr. Paul Solomon's research has focused on trying to understanding what information is to real people as they engage in life and work. Context and timing are important themes in his research along with an emphasis on going beyond 'just' findings to include communication of implications of the findings for theory, research and practice. The actors of interest in his research have so far included: children, managers doing work planning, college students, people planning travel, scientists working cooperatively, etc. Outside of his primary area of research, Dr. Solomon has been involved in studies of graduates of LIS programs and distributed learning.

Funded Research

2000-2002, National Science Foundation, Science and Technology Center for Environmentally Responsible Solvents and Processes, Social Science Research Team, Diane Sonnenwald, Noriko Hara, Denis Gray, Paul Solomon (to study collaboration behavior and technologies), $750,000 (part of a $20,000,000 Center Grant).

2004-2006, Library of Congress (with Kenneth Bolen, Odum Institute for Research in Social Science, to develop digital statistical archives of data from classic social science studies, private social science research organizations, and state polls, $483,442.

2004-2007, Microsoft (with Gary Marchionini, to study annotation behavior during the use of software), $300,000.

2005-present, Institute for Museum and Library Services, Workforce Issues in Library and information science (with Joanne Marshall (PI), Victor Marshall(PI), Barbara Moran, Deborah Barreau, etc.).


Dr. Solomon's teaching repertoire currently includes: Information Storage & Retrieval (SLIS 301), Introduction to Research Methods (SLIS 705), Educational Services (SLIS 741), and Problems in Administration (SLIS 768). He also have offered several course at the doctoral level: Theory & Research Methods (SLIS 802), Information Policy & Ethics (SLIS 805), and Communication Processes and Information-Seeking Behavior (SLIS 806).

Dr. Solomon sees teaching as a cooperative learning adventure for him and his students, and not about pouring knowledge into people's heads. The emphasis in his classes is on real-world application of subject matter and support for learning using drafts over one-time grading.

Recent Publications

Solomon, P., & Rathbun-Grubb, S.  (2009). Workforce planning and the School Library Media Specialist. Library Trends, 58(2): 246-262.

Hara, N., Solomon, P., Kim, S.-L.& Sonnenwald, D.H.  (2003). An emerging view of scientific collaboration: Scientists perspectives on collaboration and factors that impact collaboration.  Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 54(10), 952-965.

Solomon, P.  (1997). Information behavior in sense making: A Three-year case study of work planning.  In:  Pertti Vakkari, Reijo Savolainen, & Brenda Dervin (Eds.), Information Seeking in Context (pp. 290-306). London, UK: Taylor Graham

Solomon, P.  (1997).  Conversation in information seeking contexts: A test of an analytical framework.  Library and Information Science Research, 19(3), 217-247.

Solomon, P. (1993).  Children’s information retrieval behavior: A case analysis of an OPAC.  Journal of the American Society for Information Science, 44(5),  245-264


Chair, University of South Carolina Graduate Council

Member, Humanities Grant Review Panel

North American regional editor, International Journal of Information Management

Editorial board member, Journal of Information Science Technology and Practice

Co-Chair elect, Association for Information Science and Technology SIG/ED

Doctoral forum mentor, Association for Information Science and Technology

Chair, School of Journalism and Mass Communications Associate Director for Graduate Studies Search Committee