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Information for Faculty and Staff

Biometrics and User Experience (BaUX) Lab Guidelines & Procedures

Lab Location and Reservations

The Biometrics and User Experience (BaUX) lab is a research lab primarily for faculty and students within the College of Information and Communication. It is located in Room 110 of Davis College. This lab is equipped with two biometric stations including eye tracking, facial tracking, galvanic skin conductance, brain wave detection (EEG), and other psychophysiological devices. 

Use of the lab should be prioritized as follows:

  1. Faculty or graduate student-led research using biometrics and other equipment housed by the BaUX lab
  2. Faculty or graduate student-led research groups conducting research-related meetings
  3. Faculty-led graduate or undergraduate class sessions that may need access to BAUX equipment 

To reserve time in the lab, please review the shared Davis 110 Outlook calendar for the BaUX lab. If the lab is not reserved for the time you wish to use it, please complete this jotForm at least two weeks in advance of the time you want to use the lab.

When you submit your request, you will need to include the following information:

  1. Your name and the purpose of the meeting
  2. The number of people to be accommodated
  3. The time and date requested
  4. Indicate whether you will be using testing rooms 110B and 110C for biometric research in addition to the main room (110)
  5. Indicate whether you need to reserve the laptop(s) equipped for data analysis (these can be reserved separately – they can be checked out – please specify the duration you will need it)
  6. If you need technical assistance, please also email Note: The CIC Tech team has not been trained on iMotions equipment, but they can help with other requests.

Within 48 hours of your request, someone will reply letting you know if the lab is able to accommodate the request. Once the reservation has been made, if you need to make any modifications or changes to the schedule, please email If you need to reserve the lab and the laptops for data analysis, you will need to submit two separate requests through the jot form link above.

On the date of your reservation, please make sure that you and your group arrive on time and do not bring any food or drink into the lab.

Scheduling Conflicts

The BaUX lab is available based on the ranked priorities listed above (and then on a first-come, first-serve basis) for CIC faculty and graduate students conducting research or for occasional research-related class sessions. If the lab has already been reserved, any additional requests for that time will need to accommodate the original reservation.

For example, within the lab, 110B and 110C are testing rooms specifically for biometrics research. Quiet is needed when these rooms are in use, so the space outside of these testing rooms will also need to be reserved in order to keep the lab quiet and to accommodate waiting research participants. Therefore, if Rooms 110B and 110C are in use, the whole lab will be booked. However, it is possible to book Room 110 for research meetings (as listed above) and not use the testing rooms (110B and 110C).

If you need to change your reserved lab time for any reason, please email as soon as you are aware of changes so we can maximize lab time and space.

Research vs. Other Use

The BaUX Lab is meant for research purposes. The funding for this lab came from the Provost to enhance research. Graduate and undergraduate students may use the lab with faculty supervision or approval. Research needs will take priority over other types of reservation requests. If you reconfigure anything in the main room (110), please rearrange it when you are finished so the room is as it was when you entered.

Using the Equipment

If you are going to use the biometrics equipment in the lab, you need to be trained to do so before using it. Taylor Wen has volunteered to be the faculty coordinator for the lab and is willing to help faculty interested in being trained in the iMotions equipment. We are also hosting iMotions personnel for some initial trainings and should have graduate assistants helping with the lab as well.  

The iMotions equipment from the lab cannot be checked out and must remain inside the lab. However, there are two laptops equipped with software for data analysis that can be checked out. Please use the jot form link above to reserve the data analysis laptops. The laptops can be checked out and back in via Elexus Moody in Davis College or via a graduate assistant. Please do not move or shift any of the iMotions equipment in the lab unless you have been trained to use that equipment. The lab equipment has been calibrated to optimize the space for research purposes. If any equipment is damaged during use, faculty and/or graduate students may be held responsible. Lab privileges may be suspended or revoked and there may be financial liability.

If you notice that any of the equipment is not functioning properly, please let the supervising staff person know so they can arrange for repairs or replacements.

Please be aware that the lab equipment is shared by many people in the CIC. We have disinfecting wipes for wiping down hard and soft surfaces after you use the equipment. Be considerate of the person using the equipment after you and be sure to place everything back in its original position after you are finished with your research. The lab and equipment should remain locked when not in use. Everything should be turned off and stored safely after being used.

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