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Areas of Interest

Technical Services

Suggested Program of Study

Gaining the skills and knowledge required in Library Technical Services will allow you to work in public, academic, and special libraries, as well as for special collections and companies that provide these services to libraries via outsourced contracts. Technical services librarians work as department directors and managers, acquisitions specialists, cataloging and metadata librarians, digital collections librarians, serials and electronic resources specialists, and collection managers. In small settings, you might fill more than one of these roles. The specified courses below (the first 8) are either required courses or those that are strongly suggested as a foundation for practice in a technical services environment. Work experience in a technical services department via an internship is highly recommended. You will want to supplement your course of study with courses that prepare you for a particular role or a library or information setting of your interest, so the remaining 4 courses of your program of studies should focus on your career interests/intentions. The electives suggested here will strengthen your technology skills and can be applied in multiple work environments, but you should tailor your selections to your career goals. For example, you might want to take the course for your chosen setting (728 – Public Libraries, 729 – Academic Libraries, 724 – Special Libraries).

In addition to the successful completion of a 36-credit program of study, students will provide evidence that they have met the SLIS program core competencies by submitting a satisfactory portfolio that serves as the capstone experience for the MLIS degree.

Course Title Prerequisites Credits
701*  Introduction to Library and Information Studies
(Required in the first semester of enrollment)
None 3
702  Introduction to Technical Services 701 3
705* Introduction to Research in Library and Information Science 9 hours 3
706* Introduction to Information Technologies None 3
707* Information Organization and Retrieval 701 3
730 Cataloging Information Materials 707 3
731 Subject Analysis and Classification 730  3
733 Serials 702 3
735 Metadata 707  3
770 Database Design and Management 701 & 707 3
775 Organizing and Managing Web Resources None 3
794 Internship 701, 705, 707 & permission 3

* MLIS course requirements: SLIS 701, 705, 707 and 706 or Technology Competency Exam