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  • Tom Reichert

We are offering a new study abroad opportunity

Study abroad can be a life-changing college experience that broadens students' perspectives and inspires them to dream big. But because of its high cost, it's not feasible for every student — until now.

The College of Information and Communications has officially launched a low-cost, high-impact study abroad option that eliminates the nearly $2,000 program fee — a huge financial obstacle for many of our students. Beginning summer 2022, our majors can earn six hours toward graduating while studying for a month in Barcelona, Spain — one of the world's most cosmopolitan cities. They'll pay for tuition (at the in-state rate) and the flight there, but we'll cover the rest.

Why? Because alumni tell us they want to hire students with a global perspective. Investing in these kinds of experiences gives our students a leg up in the job market. No other college at the university — or in the country, for that matter — can offer this valuable opportunity. Talk to your advisor today! 

Advantages this program offers: 

  1. No program fees (a $2,000 savings, paid by the CIC).
  2. Four weeks abroad in Spain.
  3. Two CIC classes totaling six hours of credit.
  4. Classes are taught by two CIC faculty.
  5. No prerequisites or experience required for classes.
  6. Scholarships of $1,000-$1,500 are available.

Join us for the experience of a lifetime in Barcelona, Spain


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