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The School of Journalism and Mass Communications awards over $100,000 in scholarships annually thanks to supportive alumni and friends of the school.

Departmental Scholarships

Who can apply?

Students who are enrolled as majors in the School of Journalism and Mass Communications may apply for departmental scholarships.

What is the criterion for departmental scholarships?

Submitting a general application is required to be considered for any scholarships for which an applicant qualifies. Academic merit along with other credentials may be necessary for serious consideration.

How do you apply?

The scholarship application is available online from Dec. 1 through Feb. 1. Scholarship awards are non-renewable. Students must re-apply each year for SJMC departmental scholarships.

How will you know if you receive a departmental scholarship?

Recipients will be notified in April about the status of their application. Recipients must sign a letter of acceptance of the scholarship award. The letter of acceptance must be returned by May 1 to receive the scholarship.

How much scholarship money is available?

SJMC departmental scholarships are competitive and limited. The number and amount of scholarships awarded vary and are subject to funds available.

When will you receive your scholarship money?

Scholarships awarded in April are for the next academic year.

Scholarships for Maymester Travel

The School of Journalism and Mass Communications awards travel scholarships once each year in the Fall semester. Travel scholarships have been established to promote student involvement in both domestic study-away courses and study abroad courses. The application deadline for study abroad courses is October 11.  Applications for the domestic study-away courses will be available in the spring.