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Program B - External Grant Proposal

The College of Education is pleased to announce the availability of Research Grants Program B. This program provides funding to support faculty in the acquisition of a major external funding award. Major funding is defined for this Program as an award of at least $150,000 per year or at least $300,000 for the life of the project. This Program requires the inclusion of a faculty mentor who has demonstrated success in securing external funding.

Initial Contact Deadlines

Second Friday in October for November submission and Second Friday in February for March submission (Please contact Rebecca Wessinger at in the CoE Office of Grants and Contracts to express interest)
Application Deadlines: First Friday in November and March, annually
Award Decision: Within Six Weeks after Application Deadline


Funding Amount & Eligible Expenditures:

Project B funds may be used for pilot research projects, the results of which will be included as part of a grant proposal.  Partial summer pay, up to the equivalent of teaching one course, for the principal investigator and/or the mentor, when mentors are CoE faculty. Examples of allowable expenses include transcription costs, data collection materials, travel costs related to data collection, specialized software or equipment needed for the research, and student worker costs. The maximum award amount for Program B is $9,000. Applicants may request a project period of up to one year to complete the study.

Items with a partial relationship to the project or for a broader purpose are not allowed as Program B expenditures. Such items include graduate assistantships that include non-project work, computers, and travel for non-study related purposes.



Eligible applicants include all full-time faculty members. Preference is given to those who have not previously been awarded Program B funding, have not received a major competitive grant, and who could clearly benefit from the assistance of a mentor.


Application Procedures

1. Contact Rebecca Wessinger at in the CoE Office of Grants and Contracts three weeks prior to the selected deadline. The Office of Grants and Contracts will assist with budget development, proposal preparation and formatting, and submission through USCeRA.

2. Develop a short proposal (no more than five single-spaced pages) that provides the following:

(a) a descriptive title for the proposed project,

(b) a brief discussion of the background and significance of the proposed idea, including its relation to the present state of knowledge in the field and a clear justification of how completion of this project will position the applicant to be more competitive for the specific external funding source identified,

(c) a narrative of the project that includes the objectives, the methods and procedures that will be used in the project (i.e., sample selection, measures/instruments and/or research design, data collection, and data analysis),

(d) the expected accomplishments during the course of the project,

(e) the specific external funding program being targeted, including documentation that the targeted outlet meets the funding requirements for Program B grants (at least $150,000 per year or at least $300,000 for the life of the project), and

(f) a projected timeline for submission to the identified program.

Details or copies of measures/instruments being used and the specific funding program (i.e., copies of the RFP) must be included as appendices, but will not be counted in the narrative page limit. Likewise, when applicable, it is strongly encouraged to provide letters of support/approval for data collection as appendices (i.e., provide evidence that the proposed data collection procedures can be accomplished).

3. Attach the following supporting documentation to the end of the proposal packet: (a) references (should be included as appropriate but will not be counted in the narrative page limitation); (b) an abbreviated vita (no more than 4 pages) of both the PI and mentor; the mentor’s abbreviated vita must include a record of successful external grant funding. The mentor may be a PI or Co-PI on the external funding proposal; (c) letter of participation from the mentor, indicating the mentor’s role in the project; (d) statement of support from the applicant’s department chair; and (e) budget and budget justification.

4. Electronically submit the completed proposal packet to the CoE Office of Grants and Contracts.

Review Process

The criteria used for judging proposals are provided in the Research Grants Program B scoring rubric [pdf], with the key criterion being whether or not the  results from the proposed project will substantially strengthen the external proposal Funding decisions will be announced within six weeks after the application deadline.

Successful applicants agree to (a) submit a final report of internal funding activities to the dean within 90 days of the project’s completion and (b) create a proposal to a funding agency within 24 months of project completion. The Dean’s office will facilitate a meeting between the applicant and the external funding program officer upon request.  

  1. Share the results of their funded work with the College of Education research community (e.g., brown bag session, Spark Talk, Research Institute presentation forum);
  2. Serve on 1-3 review panels for Research Program A submissions following project completion.

Presentations will be coordinated by the Research Institute and the Dean’s office; review panel assignments will be made by the Faculty Welfare Committee.  All project requirements must be satisfactorily met before an applicant can be considered for additional funding from Research Program A or B.

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