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Collecting Data

Collecting Data

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Add an assignment to Blackboard

If your course is a key assessment course for accreditation purposes, the rubric and materials for your assignment have already been created in Chalk and Wire. This process will link Blackboard to those materials.

  1. step 1Log in to Blackboard with your network username and password. This will be the same information that is used for your campus email account.

  2. Step 2From the list of courses displayed on the right of your screen, click on the course that contains this assignment. Be certain to double-check the semester and year if you have taught this class before.

  3. step 3From the menu items on the left of the screen, click on the Assignments option.

  4. step 4In the Assignments window, click on the Assessments drop-down menu and click on the Chalk & Wire option.

  5. The following information is REQUIRED:

    step 5Name – You should give the name that was used for the assessment when the rubric was created and entered into Chalk & Wire.
    – You must set the enable switch to “Yes”. If you do not do this, students will be unable to submit for this assignment.

    Points – How many points is this assignment worth in Blackboard

    Due Date – When will this assignment be due?  You will need to ensure the addition of this data.

    Permit Viewing – This switch must be set to “Yes”.

    You can now click the Submit button.

  6. step 6Once the assignment has been created, the name will show up as a link in the Assignments window. Now, click the name of the new assignment to begin the process of linking what you have created to Chalk & Wire.

  7. step 7The next screen will display two drop-down options: Department and Table of Contents.

  8. step 8The Department drop-down has both departments and Specialized Professional Associations listed. Click on the drop-down and select the department for which you are a member.

  9. step 9Once the proper department has been selected, clicking on the Table of Contents drop-down will display a list of programs by degree within each department.  Select the program that corresponds to the key assessment assignment you are creating and then click the Save button

  10. step 10You have now linked the assignment in Blackboard to the assessment outcome in Chalk & Wire. The program will automatically take you to another window. If this screen is visible, good job! Everything has been connected correctly.





If there are any problems, or if the process has not worked as described in these steps, please contact our support team at ( for assistance.