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Stories From the Field

Stories From the Field are accounts from Universty of South Carolina faculty and Professional Development School teachers about the impacts that the PDS system has been making in schools throughout South Carolina.


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Teacher Empowerment at Dutch Fork High School

What do you do when your Professional Development School partnership has hit a wall? How do you reinvigorate a Professional Development School program? The Dutch Fork Professional Development School Adjunct, Liaison and Administrator figured out how.

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Inquiry Matters in Professional Development School Districts

School District Five of Lexington and Richland Counties and the University of South Carolina held parallel Inquiry Matters conferences for 400 pre-service and in-service educators across the state.

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Dreher High School

The faculty and staff at Dreher High School realize that childhood adversity affects one’s opportunity to learn and be successful in school. With the help of the PDS team, the faculty and staff are becoming more sensitive to these traumas.

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Meadowfield Elementary School

Every Tuesday, University of South Carolina Elementary Education majors have their curriculum class at Meadowfield Elementary School.  The school provides a space for the university course to meet and a classroom of elementary students for using the strategies learned from the professor and the textbooks. 

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Killian Elementary School

University of South Carolina faculty and Killian teachers work together to teach children about natural processes and resources, like condensation and astronomy.

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Irmo Elementary School

The PDS team at Irmo Elementary School knew that they could engage students and teachers and encourage dialogue among the entire school family through a shared text.

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