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College of Education

Educational Administration, M.Ed.

What will I study?

The Master of Educational Administration Online is designed for teachers in South Carolina and other states who aspire to leadership positions as school principals, assistant principals and supervisors and make an even greater difference for their students, schools and communities.

This program focuses on the theoretical and practical aspects of the principalship and administration necessary to advance into leadership positions. The professors who teach in this program are accomplished in their prior roles as superintendents, principals and high-level administrators. Each one is committed to teaching you the leadership methods they helped to develop.  You will explore a wide range of subjects, including how to manage educational change in the context of national, state and local policy. Our graduates have learned to demonstrate leadership with sensitivity to social and cultural trends that impact school communities.


What kinds of work will I be able to do?

Completing this degree program can help you meet the academic licensure requirements for educational administration in many states, including South Carolina. The current curriculum meets national accreditation standards (and South Carolina program standards) for the certification of school leaders. After you graduate, a wide range of professional positions become available to you, such as school principal, assistant principal and instructional supervisor.


Typical Course Work

Core Courses (21 semester hours)
Your core courses are designed to help you to build a foundation of understanding in areas important to school leadership. These courses provide an overview and introduction to school leadership, history, supervision, personnel management, school law, finance and principalship.

Practicum Courses (6 semester hours)
These two courses provide the opportunity for you to further develop your unique identity as an educational leader by working independently and directly on projects in local schools. You will be supported by ongoing site and university supervision. The real-world experiences you will have in your practicum courses will prepare you for the daily challenges that principals face.

Related Courses (9 semeester hours)
These three courses will introduce you to essential concepts such as research, special education and curriculum development. You will learn the key ideas and practices in these disciplines as you come to understand the context of educational leadership.

For more information about curriculum or program requirements, please visit the  academic bulletin.