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Students and Alumni

Why earn a Master’s degree from the University of South Carolina?  Hear from current students and alumni as to why earning a Master’s degree in Education Administration at the University of South Carolina is so special. 


Mark Hodowanec

Mark Hodowanec 

2020 Graduate of the M.Ed. Program

"I selected the UofSC program for a few reasons: cost effectiveness, the convenience in attending classes and the time frame in which I could potentially finish the program (about 2 years). I also have close friends that earned their Master’s in Educational Administration through UofSC and they lauded the convenience of the classes (online) as well as the curriculum. 

I am really enjoying the program. My thinking has shifted because I am now able to place myself into the mindset of an administrator and understand some of the how's and why's of daily school operations. I am gaining valuable insight into the world of education. I am able to see current educational trends and how they are affecting schools and have started to look at the data to see what might happen in the future. 

The big advantage for me is attending classes online. Just like all professionals, I have a very busy schedule both in and out of the classroom. I feel that UofSC respects our time and makes classes available for when I am able to take them. For instance, I got married this summer so I did not take any classes. However, I was still able to enroll for the fall semester so that I could work toward finishing my degree on time. Another advantage is the personal approach that UofSC is taking. I was contacted, by phone, by Dr. Hardie the day I decided to enroll. I appreciated her taking the time to communicate with me and walk me through my MPOS that night. The professors are also focused on improvement and often asks for input from the students who are enrolled. Not only do they want to improve the program for current students, but also for future students."

Jesse George

Jesse George 

2020 Graduate of the M.Ed. Program

"I chose the Educational Administration Master's Program at the University of South Carolina because I knew that I would be well prepared for a career as a school administrator.  

Public Education is ever-changing and can be challenging at times. The program I am currently in takes this into account. My professors draw on real world examples and issues to teach us how to better serve our schools in an administrative capacity. The content taught is immediately applicable and often has challenged me to be assertive and courageous as a teacher leader in my school. The program is also designed to be completed while teaching full time. This allows me to pull in program content and practices into my school building each day, while also letting my students have a classroom teacher that is focused on their academic growth.

Through this program I have learned a great deal about what it means to be an educational leader. Sometimes it looks like taking the reins, and other times it requires reflection instead of reaction. I am grateful for the wealth of knowledge shared by dedicated professors who truly have shown interest in helping me succeed and I look forward to a career in administration. "

Leticia Gomez

Leticia Gomez

2019 Graduate of the M.Ed. Program

"The Educational Leadership and Policies Master’s Program at the University of South Carolina was the best fit for my educational career. The fact that I could access online courses with top notch professors while continuing to work and refine my craft was a huge factor. What I did not expect and found to be a hidden treasure in my Master’s journey was the privilege of being able to collaborate with educators from all over South Carolina and beyond. I was able to gain knowledge from the experiences of fellow leaders from Colorado, Ohio, and Virginia to name a few. The convenient and respected Educational Leadership and Policies Program drew me in to the University of South Carolina, the experience, mentorship, and collaboration of the professors and fellow students made it an invaluable experience.


With my degree, I get to practice my passion.  I am currently serving as an Assistant Principal and Technology Director at St. John Neumann Catholic School in Columbia, SC."

 Kelly Thacker

Kelly Thacker

Current M.Ed. student

"After seeing several teachers in my district completed a variety of Master's programs throughout the country, I realized that the level of learning that occurred as a result of the UofSC Education Administration program is unparalleled. Teachers leave this program with the skills and knowledge to begin and excel in their new career path.  

After spending only one semester in the program, I can already see the difference it has made in the lens through which I see teaching and leading! The readings, videos, and course discussions broaden my perspective while the written assignments allow me an opportunity to develop my vision as a leader. I look forward to continuing to grow and learn as a result of this program! "

Le’Shaun Mathis

Le’Shaun Mathis 

2017 Graduate of the M.Ed. Program

Current Position: Assistant Principal at Airport High School 

"UofSC holds personal value to me, because of the familial ties we share.  This university played a pivotal part in enhancing my uncle's, aunt's, childhood best friend's, and brother's academic career goals and dreams.

For this reason and witnessing UofSC's immediate impact on success fostered my choice; because I knew the learning experience transformed students into elite professionals. As I expected, this transformation prompted an Assistant Principal position in Lexington 2 School District before officially graduating. I was UofSC'ed, you should too!"

Nohora Williams

Nohora Williams 

Current M.Ed. student

"I have the pleasure to belong to the online Master program of Educational Administration with the University of South Carolina. After having decided the passion topic that was going to further my career and offer me a brighter future, I had to make another big decision and that was where or how I would make it happen. Although it seemed like it would be a hard thing to do, it wasn’t at all. I already knew about the reputation of the University of South Carolina and its state, national and international renown. I personally knew great professional people around me who completed their masters and doctorate degrees with the university and held prestigious positions in the educational field, and for that I felt like I could follow their model. 

In the process of getting started, registering and completing paperwork I had an enormous amount of support from several people that were constantly checking on me and making sure I would go through a smooth and painless beginning process. 

Now that I’m in the program, I continue to receive immediate support from my professors and advisers whenever I need it. The program is very competent, well structured, it follows a logical order of classes and it offers a great variety of elective classes. I feel fortunate to belong to the program and I am confident it will open many great doors in the near future!"

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