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David L. Green


Commencing in 1993 Mr. Green has been continuously involved in the analysis and application of HUMS data. He spent over 10 years in support of the Goodrich Corporation (now UTC Sensors & Integrated Systems) specializing in analysis of mechanical diagnostics data developed by the Goodrich IVHMS installed on UH-60A/L/M and CH-47D helicopters.

In 1997 Mr. Green wrote the cost benefit section of the Goodrich response to the first Commercial Operations and Support Savings Initiative (COSSI) solicitation to supply HUMS equipments for SH-60 and CH-53 helicopters. Goodrich won the competition which was later altered to include the UH-60A/L/M. He received a Meritorious Service Award from Program Executive Officer for AIR ASW, Assault & Special Mission Programs as a result of efforts in support of Navy HUMS Research.

In 2004 thru 2008 follow-on tasking involved data analysis and process development during the first demonstration of HUMS involving thirty UH-60L helicopters conducting operations in Iraq.  During this period and since, Mr. Green also conducted studies addressing concepts of operations and cost benefits.  These studies involved the SH-60B, UH-60L, HH-60J, MH-60S, CH-53E, AH-1Z, and UH-1Y model helicopters, plus many civil helicopters including Bell, Agusta and Sikorsky models. 

For five years starting in 2011 Mr. Green provided consulting support to the Helicopter Association International as a Senior Fellow specializing in analysis of HUMS data developed by GE, Honeywell, and UTC Sensors & Integrated Systems, involving the AW139, S-76C+/++ and S-92 helicopters. As a result of this work, Mr. Green became the sponsor of SAE AIR 6334 “A Power Usage Metric for Rotorcraft Power Train Transmissions” in 2014. This project supported a development of a power usage algorithm to track the power usage of a fleet of 15 S-76C+/++ helicopters operating in the Gulf of Mexico. This AIR is structured to introduce future HUMS developers to the concept of power usage monitoring so that HUMS OEMS will be prepared to integrate proprietary power usage metric equations into future HUMS equipments. This AIR also provides insight that can be used to support the development of supplemental inspection intervals as an evolving objective of ATA MSG-3 Volume II. For this and other related work he received the HAI Meritorious Service Award.

During his career Mr. Green has authored dozens of published technical papers and hundreds of white papers that addressed analysis of HUMS data relative to detection of mechanical faults and HUMS functional design issues.

Selected Publications

  • Chin, Harrison H., Green, David L., Barnett, Richard, Macedo, Marco, “A Comprehensive Approach for Tracking Helicopter Transmission Power Usage”, Presented at the AHS 72nd Annual Forum, West Palm Beach, Florida, USA, May 17-19, 2016.
  • Chin, Harrison H., Green, David L., Bayoumi, Abdel-Moez, “Power Usage Metric for Helicopter Transmissions”, Presented at the AHS Airworthiness, CBM, and HUMS Specialists’ Meeting, Huntsville, AL, Feb 9, 11, 2015.
  • Green, D.L., Chin, H., Barnett, R., “Rotorcraft Power Usage Management Algorithm: Which Facilitates the Objectives of MSG-3 Processes", Airworthiness, CBM and HUMS Specialists' Meeting, Huntsville Alabama, February 9, 2015
  • Chin, Harrison H., Green, David L., Mayhew, Eric, Dora, Ray, Wright, Jonny, Kunselman, Sam, “Understanding UH-60L Helicopter Main Generator Vibration Signatures”, Presented at the American Helicopter Society 62nd Annual Forum, Phoenix, AZ, May 9-11, 2006.
  • Chin, Harrison H., Mayhew, Eric, Green, David L., “Assessing Bearing Health for Helicopter Power Train Systems,” Presented at the American Helicopter Society 61st Annual Forum, Grapevine, TX, June 1-3, 2005




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