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College of Engineering and Computing

Our Faculty and Staff

 Department of Integrated Information Technology

Elizabeth Regan

Elizabeth A. Regan, Ph.D., Department Chair and Professor

Dr. Regan is chair of the Department of Integrated Information Technology and associate professor of health information technology. She also serves as an adjunct professor in the Arnold School of Public Health. Her research areas of interest are in health information technology and exchange, strategic information systems, large-scale organizational change, technology innovation and business process redesign (reengineering), e-commerce and e-business, end-user information systems, knowledge management.

Robert G. Brookshire

Robert G. Brookshire, Ph.D., Professor and Director of Graduate Studies

In addition to being Director of Graduate Studies, Dr. Brookshire is professor at the University of South Carolina and associate director of IT-ology. His research areas of interest are applications of statistical methods and neural networks, information systems pedagogy, and web usability.

John H. Gerdes, Jr.

John H. Gerdes, Jr., Ph.D., Associate Professor

Dr. Gerdes serves as associate professor. His research interests are in the areas of web-based data mining, knowledge management, electronic commerce, distance learning, and data security.

Neset Hikmet

Neset Hikmet, Ph.D., Associate Professor

As associate professor in the Master's of Health Information Technology program, Dr. Hikmet's areas of research are in the areas of healthcare budget, policy and politics; healthcare cost, financing, and rationing; healthcare quality and process improvement; healthcare information systems and technologies, and many other health management information technology related subjects.

Dan Norris

Dan Norris, Ph.D., Instructor

Along with his duties at USC, Dr. Norris is the founder and president of Black Robin, LLC, a training and instructional technology consulting firm with offices in Columbia, SC, and Asheville, NC. He has written and published extensively both nationally and internationally in the areas of computer mediated learning, online learning for businesses and other instructional technology topics.

Karen P. Patten

Karen P. Patten, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dr. Patten is an assistant professor in the Department of Integrated Information Technology whose research areas focus on flexible and agile IT management and leadership, small business IT management, wireless and mobile telecommunications, IT project management, and IT / IS curriculum development.

Virginia Peninger

Virginia Peninger, iIT, Administrative Coordinator

Ms. Peninger serves as administrative coordinator in the Department of Integrated Information Technology.

Benjamin Schooley

Benjamin Schooley, Ph.D., M.B.A., Assistant Professor

Dr. Schooley's areas of research focus on design and evaluation of health information technologies (HIT), clinical quality and business process improvement, IT and organizational innovation, patient and user centered information systems development, mobile health (mHealth) systems and human computer interaction, design process, design science, and information systems design theory, emergency medical informatics, strategic use of IT resources, multi-organizational (inter-organizational) enterprise information systems, and field studies in IT design and implementation.