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The Grad Cohort Podcast

The Grad Cohort podcast series is a part of the inclusive education initiative for graduate diversity at UofSC.  In this series, graduate students engage in critical conversations about issues of justice, equity and inclusion. Each semester, a graduate level course takes on the podcast series as a final project and the students in the course develop, facilitate/host, and record episodes based on the course topic. This initiative is a partnership with the Center for Innovation in Higher Education located within the College of Education.

Series one of the podcast, titled “The Woke Educator: Exploring Anti-Blackness in Higher Education”, includes eight episodes and an introduction from Toby S. Jenkins, the Graduate School Interim Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion.

The Grad Cohort Podcast Series

  • Series I Introduction

  • Episode 1: From COVID to HESA: Reflections on 2020
    Featuring Kirby, Caitlyn, & Angela

  • Episode 2: How Policies Perpetuate Systemic Racism in K-12 and Higher Ed
    Featuring Quin, Mikayla & Rachel

  • Episode 3: Let’s Thrive, Not Survive: A Reflection on the Presence of Racisim in Educational Contexts
    Featuring Ailie, Isaac & Rachel

  • Episode 4: Setting Up Black Students to Fail: Unmasking Performative Allyship in Higher Ed
    Featuring Bri, Courtney, & Jessica

  • Episode 5: Criminalization to Humanization
    Featuring Paige, Artem, & Amy

  • Episode 6: How the Education System Failed Me
    Featuring Kati, Jasmine, & Matt

  • Episode 7: “Now You Know” Mass Incarceration and Prison Pipelines in School Systems
    Featuring Sheila, Ellen, & Michael

  • Episode 8: A Space at the Table: Women and Their Whiteness
    Featuring Alana, Victoria, & Kayla

Access the podcast at the Grad Cohort podcast series website.





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