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South Carolina Honors College

Katherine Heck

Ask me about … Humanities, study abroad and international engagement, undergraduate research, uncertainty in course of study and starting a student organization!

I am a sophomore from Blythewood, South Carolina studying Global Studies and English with a concentration in Writing. As of now, I am tentatively planning to attend graduate school for international relations or public policy, as I aim to become an intelligence analyst. I also plan to continue writing my novel since this is one of my many passions!

My Advice for Prospective Students: If you are unsure about your plans for the future, realize that uncertainty is a natural part of discovering who you wish to become. Allow yourself time to contemplate what you want to explore in your ideal college experience.

My Advice for Current Students: Seize the vast opportunities available to you here at UofSC! Whether this means speaking to your professor during office hours, joining (or even starting) a student organization, or leading an undergraduate research project, there’s a wealth of options open for individual growth.

My Favorite Thing about the Honors College: The unwavering support for students’ multi- faceted interests as individuals. From highly specialized courses to fantastic beyond the classroom opportunities, the Honors College has allowed me to pursue my diverse passions and strive for my greatest potential in numerous aspects of the university experience.

My Reason for Choosing the SCHC: In the spring semester of my freshman year, I decided to transfer into the Honors College because I wanted to take courses with open discourse that inspired my individual inquiry and cultivated my intellectual curiosity. Since my acceptance, I have not only excited my academic career, but I’ve found fulfillment in my involvement, new friends, and future career goals.

My Favorite Things: Philosophy, nature, pictures and letters capturing forgotten memories, old books with a story of their own, and my animals, who always put a smile on my face when I arrive home for break.

My Hobbies: Writing, drawing, reading, language-learning, gaming, photography, travel.

Currently Reading: Modern Man in Search of a Soul by C.G. Jung and The Prince by Niccolò Machiavelli, two of my favorite thinkers. Due to my busy schedule, I seldom have free time to finish books, so I am typically reading two to three at a time until the semester ends. I do find, however, that exploring multiple texts at once fosters unique insight in comparison!

Something I’m Proud of: As a military brat, I gained the opportunity to live in Germany for four years and traveled to eleven countries while I resided in Europe. Because of this background, I now have a traveler’s spirit and want to explore more countries throughout the world!

Favorite Movie: It’s a Wonderful Life. This film has a timeless message that not only inspires me to value my contributions to the world, but inevitably causes me to cry by the end. Watching this film on Christmas Eve is also a beloved family tradition!

Song I Could Listen to Non-Stop: Funnily enough, the song “Don’t Stop Me Now” by Queen. Honestly, I could listen to almost anything from Queen non-stop.

My Strength: Resilience and adaptability. As a perfectionist, I tend to be hard on myself as I strive to complete any task, but no one can deny my resolve to finish it.

My Life Goal: Since the success of my first short story I wrote in fourth grade, I knew that I wanted to be a writer. As of now, I am working on a fantasy novel in my free time, a project that challenges my craft and gives me great joy! It is my life goal to publish this work and other

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