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South Carolina Honors College

Sophie Kahler

Ask me about ... Humanities or social sciences, undergraduate research, the Washington Semester Program or living in Columbia!

I’m a senior majoring in Geography and minoring in History from Columbia, SC. I’m an award show junkie, avid news reader, and brunch connoisseur. I love studying humanities and social sciences, and I’m particularly interested in American politics and urban studies. After graduation, I want to pursue a career in politics or policy.

I love: Cooking, Broadway, fall weather, satire, Chipotle, art museums, and collecting books

Something that makes me laugh: The show Veep! It’s completely outrageous and hilarious – my roommate always knows when I’m watching it because she can hear me laughing out loud.

Favorite movie: Singin’ in the Rain. It’s the most iconic Hollywood film, and I credit it with creating my love of movies and musicals.

My pet peeve: Playing Christmas music before Thanksgiving. Just save it for December please!!!

My strength: My ability to organize anything – a room, a day, my thoughts, a problem, or my closet.

My life goal: Move to a villa on the Mediterranean and live off olives, feta, and fresh tomatoes.

My escape: Going to the movie theatre. I love seeing movies and going by myself – it’s like therapy.

My secret: Every year, I watch the Scripps National Spelling Bee on ESPN. It’s a bunch of middle school kids who are crazy smart, and it’s the most hardcore sport in the game if you ask me. It’s like my Olympics.

Something I will always do: Wear stripes. If you see me, there is a roughly 90% chance that I will be wearing a striped shirt. Sometimes I look at my closet and think that I should buy more diverse clothes, but some addictions just can’t be fixed.

Something I will never do: Say “y’all.” I’ve grown up in South Carolina, but I’ve never adopted saying “y’all” and I can’t imagine doing it now!

My advice for prospective students: Don’t let the stress of finding a college overwhelm you. Keep an open mind and know that you can succeed anywhere – college is what you make of it!

My advice for current students: Don’t be afraid to branch out from your major or typical interests. There is so much room in college to pave the path best for yourself. I recommend taking a few classes that may be different from your major or requirements – choose what sounds most intriguing to you and you might find new interests that you didn’t know were there.

My favorite thing about the Honors College: Starting my college experience in the Honors College not only presented academic opportunities but encouraged me to explore anything that interests me, such as leadership positions and beyond the classroom experiences. The Honors College creates a truly supportive environment, from something as small as the weekly Honors College newsletter in my inbox to the large staff of always-helpful Honors advisors.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: Going into college, I knew that I wanted a college experience with small classes, individualized attention, and a close community. With the SCHC, I realized that I could have all these small-school amenities without sacrificing the opportunities of a large university. Choosing a large university like UofSC doesn’t have to mean giving up support and individualized attention. At the SCHC, you’re encouraged to take advantage of UofSC’s opportunities with the guidance and support of the Honors community.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.