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Honors Residence Hall Classroom Reservations

Interested in reserving an Honors Residence Hall classroom? Follow the guidelines below.


  • Registered Student Organizations
  • University Departments and Units
  • Faculty/Staff Organizations
  • Classrooms
    • B110 (Seats 42 – Lecture Style)
    • B111 (Seats 16 - Discussion Style)
    • B112 (Seats 16 - Discussion Style)
  •   Conference Room:   
    • B119 (Seats 12)

The community kitchen, game room, lobby, and outdoor areas are not available to be reserved through this form. Please contact the Residence Life Coordinator for further information.

No requests for use of classroom space during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm) will be granted. The classrooms are used for academic courses during these times.

No recurring meeting requests will be granted in the B119 Conference Room during normal business hours (M-F, 8am-5pm.)

Users are responsible for their own set-up and re-set. Any furniture that has been moved must be put back in order, in accordance with the diagram posted on the classroom wall.

The technology located in the learning center spaces is like other smart classroom set-ups on campus with a computer, a ceiling-mounted projector, and a screen. If you wish to use technology that is available in the classrooms, but are unfamiliar with the system, please contact:

Thomas Holmes, Director of Information Technology in the Honors College, by emailing:  You must contact Mr. Holmes at least TWO (2) business days before your event or we will be unable to accommodate your request for training.

Cancellations must be received as soon as possible to free up the space so others may reserve it if desired. 

Please note that all users agree to abide by university policies as outlined in the Policies and Procedures Manual

Users will be responsible for cleanup and trash removal. Please take all trash to the dumpsters, and all recycling to appropriate bins. Inquiries about dumpster locations may be made at the front desk.

Flame, glitter, and water may NOT be used in the Honors Residence Hall Classrooms. Additionally, the use of nails, tape, glue, thumbtacks or other adhesive on the walls, ceiling, doors, door frames, draperies, light fixtures, columns, etc. for attaching materials is strictly prohibited. This scars the facility and will result in additional user maintenance fees.

Complete our Honors Classroom Reservation Form

Looking to reserve an Honors Classroom? After reading the guidelines above, be sure to complete our reservation form to secure your spot. 

HRH Classroom Layout FAQs:

Yes, adjacent classrooms can be connected. The B119 Conference Room is not an adjacent space.

If all three classrooms are open to each other, it is possible to use the computer station in B110 to project to all three screens. Please contact Thomas Holmes @, if you need a tutorial. When using any other combination of spaces, connecting the screens is not possible.

Retrieve the keys from the front desk. Two people must each take a key and stand on either side of the divider to be raised. At the rear of the room, near the divider, there is a small silver panel where each person can insert and turn the keys until the dividers are completely raised.

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