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South Carolina Honors College

Rachel Haupt

Ask me about…the College of Engineering and Computing, Greek life, undergraduate research, pre-med, and being from out of state!

I’m a junior from Cincinnati, OH majoring in biomedical engineering and minoring in chemistry. I chose to come to South Carolina because I knew that this was a university that was as excited to have me as I was to be going there! I have always had a knack for math and science, so I knew that the College of Engineering was the right place for me. I also thoroughly enjoy taking classes outside of my major, like history or English, which is why I love the Honors College classes. After graduation I hope to continue on to medical school, specializing in emergency medicine! I also rushed a social sorority my first semester freshman year, and have truly enjoyed experiencing that facet of South Carolina’s culture as well!

 My advice to prospective students: Don’t be afraid to be flexible! College is specifically designed to bring you out of your comfort zone and into new experiences, so don’t deny yourself those opportunities by confining yourself to a rigid schedule of what you feel like you have to do because of where you think you’re going to end up! Plans change, just roll with it!

 My advice to current students: Try not to get so wrapped up in your academic pursuits and trying to reach your future goals that you forget to enjoy where you are right now! It’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the demands of our environment to constantly do better, achieve more, and go on to the best and brightest future. Always try to remember that this university has so much more to offer than academics, and that college should be about so much more than studying!

 My favorite thing about the Honors College: The community. Although I’ve never felt unwelcome anywhere on this university, being a part of the Honors College here provides an amazing support system of students and faculty that truly care. I’ve made some of my best friends because of the honors college, and I know they’re always down just do life with me, whether that means homework in a coffee shop or exploring Columbia on a Saturday morning.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: Although I knew I always wanted to go to a large university, I was worried about finding a group of people that were as academically driven as myself. I knew the honors college would give me an amazing support system and I couldn’t have asked for a better undergrad experience. Priority class registration and the amazing freshman year dorm didn’t hurt either!

I love: Food (read: pasta, cheese, and desserts), coffee, just about any type of music, hanging out with my friends, Trader Joe’s, and dogs!

 Something I will never do: Voluntarily put hot sauce or anything designed specifically to be spicy on my food. Why sign up for pain?? Food should be enjoyable!

 Something new I’d like to learn: I would love to learn to play either the piano or the guitar. I love music, and I think there’s a specific joy that comes from making it as opposed to just listening to it. It’s one of those skills that I feel like just instantly makes you so much cooler, plus I desire to have the carefree boho/indie aesthetic that comes with playing guitar!

 Favorite study music: Usually some sort of chill alternative playlist, but if I really have to grind I’ll turn on a piano playlist!

 Currently reading: MCAT review books, but I wish I were still reading books from my English class last semester, which focused around the literary representation of ghosts! Easily one of the most enjoyable and interesting classes I've ever taken.

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