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South Carolina Honors College

Veronica McLean

Ask me about...Psychology, English, IHSA club equestrian team, my study abroad to Scotland, and going to college close to home!

I’m from Blythewood, South Carolina, which is about 35 minutes from campus. My dad and most of my extended family went to USC, so I’m following family tradition! I am a Psychology and English double major, and after I graduate from the SCHC I plan to go to law school. In the future I would like to split my time between working at my own practice, teaching university classes, and writing a fiction novel.


My favorite things: Horseback riding, my dogs, NCIS and The Office, dad jokes, watermelon, and the Harry Potter series

Songs I’ve completely memorized: The rap part of TLC’s Waterfalls

Currently reading: The Harry Potter series again. I love J. K. Rowling and read almost all of the books when I was younger but I stopped near the beginning of the last book because I didn’t want some of my favorite characters to die. Now I feel like my Harry Potter knowledge is incomplete so I’m rereading and making myself finish them completely!

Favorite movie: The Proposal, even after watching it countless times. Sandra Bullock is hilarious as always, I love happy endings, and Betty White kills it in her dancing scene.

My escape: Table Rock State Park is one of my favorite quiet places! I go every fall with my extended family and I love the crisp air, pretty leaves, and family time, as well as the fact that there is no internet or cell service! We also always pick apples and eat delicious apple cider cinnamon donuts fresh out of the fryer, which is one of our best traditions, and the cold mountain air never fails to help give me think of fresh perspectives on life.

My secret: I’ve never seen a horror movie! I’m a total chicken when it comes to scary things and I watched Stranger Things in its entirety with a blanket on my head (and then slept with the lights on for a while). I can read terrifying books, but I leave the room every time something pops out at me in a movie.

Something I will never do: Give up cheese or bread

My advice for prospective students: Don’t stress too much about your major! Try to find something you love and are passionate about, but don’t worry if that takes you a while! The average college student changes their major 3-4 times so you don’t have to have everything figured out before you ever get here. Take interesting classes about things you’ve never heard of and explore new options, and eventually you’ll find your path.

My advice for current students: Take advantage of the study abroad options through the SCHC. The professors are awesome and the trips allow you to experience new places in extraordinary ways that are unique to students, as well as financially feasible, especially with the scholarships offered!

My favorite thing about the Honors College: The unique classes offered are so interesting. I took a class last semester in the Special Collections Library with 10 other students and got to spend the entire semester looking at ancient prints by a famous artist named Giovanni Piranesi and exploring the mysterious ‘vault.’ USC is one of the only schools with the complete works of Piranesi, so it was surreal to study and delve into some of his more obscure pieces.

My reason for choosing the SCHC: When I first applied to college, I swore I wouldn’t go to USC, mainly because it’s where my dad went. However, when I got my SCHC acceptance letter in the mail, my dad and I did a victory dance in the kitchen to Sandstorm for 30 minutes, and it was clear that I needed to reconsider. I picked USC because their Honors program is one of the top in the country, there are endless resources and opportunities, and because something about hearing Sandstorm just gets my heart rate up!

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