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XODAK: A new look in fashion

By Molly Chrisman

A senior in the Department of Retailing in the College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management, Drez Henfield hopes to change the fashion scene of the south. In August, he launched his own clothing line called XODAK.

The line features a selection of high-end fashion jerseys, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and joggers for both men and women. Henfield describes the style as “high-end streetwear.”

His designs include color blocking, bold graphics, and his self-designed logo. Henfield designs the clothing, then his own seamstress and printing teams bring his designs to life.

Henfield says he wanted to design clothing since he was young. Over the past year, as a retail and merchandising intern for the Carolina Panthers, he learned how to operate a printing press and eventually purchased one of his own.

He began by experimenting with designs and graphics. After what he describes as “a period of much trial and error,” his brand was born.

The inspiration for his line came from several sources. Henfield moved around a lot growing up and has been inspired by styles from across the country. One of his goals was to “take styles from all regions of the country and combine them into one brand.”

Henfield is especially grateful for Sallie Boggs, a senior instructor in the Department of Retailing. He says Boggs has gone above and beyond [teaching] by mentoring him throughout the creation of his brand, offering tips and advice on everything retail.

XODAK is currently available exclusively through Henfield’s goal is ultimately to get noticed and make his mark on the fashion industry. The south is a tough place to make a change in fashion, but Henfield is willing to take that risk. He said, “I want to be different, push the limit. I don’t want to be typical.”

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.