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College of Hospitality, Retail and Sport Management

Degree Programs

Interdisciplinary Studies, B.A.

Also known as the B.A.I.S. program, a degree in Interdisciplinary Studies is an excellent path to choose for students who would like to achieve academic success by completing a degree that they have already started.

What do you want to be when you grow up? Sometimes that question is harder to answer as an adult with some college and professional experience than it would have been when we were starting with a "clean slate." For others, you may have found new clarity on life's journey. Either way, your life experiences are valuable assets, and they will likely have a strong impact on your academic career. You know that in order to move forward — in order to advance your career or fulfill your dream — you need a college degree, and we're here to help you succeed!

Admission Requirements

There is a two step admission process:

  1. You must apply for undergraduate admission to the University of South Carolina
  2. Once you qualify, please contact the HRSM Office of Student Services by calling 803-777-3374

Prior to admission into the program you must first earn at least 60 credit hours and have a minimum GPA of 2.000. The Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies admissions process requires that you articulate clear academic goals and to make a personal proposal for how you will meet those goals through your coursework.

Undergraduate Coursework

You will work with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies advisor to design an individualized program of study, which must include at least 36 hours of 300-level USC coursework and conform to all general university academic regulations for the baccalaureate degree. This degree requires a minimum of 120 approved hours to graduate, including:

  • Carolina Core Hours (31-46 Hours)
  • Interdisciplinary Major Hours (36 Hours)
  • Required Coursework (6 Hours)
  • HRSM Discipline (15 Hours)
  • Secondary Discipline (15 Hours)
  • Free Electives (38-53 Hours)

For more details about the degree requirements and curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies through the College of HRSM, please visit the academic bulletin.

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