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School of Law

Resident Faculty

Faculty/StaffNameTitleSecondary TitlePhoneEmailKeywordsTags
Faculty Alford, In Memoriam Duncan E. Associate Dean for the Law Library Professor of Law 803-777-3368 Deans Law Library,Administration,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Baker, Janice Associate Dean for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7737 Diversity and Inclusion,Administration,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Bauries, Scott Professor of Law 803-777-5562 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Black, Derek W. Professor of Law Ernest F. Hollings Chair in Constitutional Law 803-777-9652 Faculty,Faculty (Resident),Constitutional Law Center
Faculty Boyd, Marie C. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-2851 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Brackmann, Daniel A. Reference Librarian 803-777-3361 Law Library,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Brown, Josie F. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6963 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Brown, Kevin Mitchell Willoughby Professor of Law Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Brown, Megan Acquisitions and Electronic Resources Librarian 803-777-6021 Access Services Law Library,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Bullington, Amanda Catalog and Serials Librarian 803-777-6022 Faculty,Faculty (Resident),Law Library
Faculty Chambliss, Elizabeth Henry Harman Edens Professor of Law Director, NMRS Center on Professionalism 803-777-9942 Faculty (Resident),Faculty,NMR&S Center on Professionalism
Faculty Cherry, Jaclyn A. Professor of Law 803-777-3394 Clinics, Clinical Legal Education Faculty,Clinics,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Crocker, Thomas P. Professor of Law N. Heyward Clarkson Professorship 803-777-4790 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Cross, Jesse M. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-1412 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Davis, Tessa R. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6809 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Eagle, Josh Solomon Blatt Professor of Law 803-777-2486 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Eichhorn, Lisa A. Director of Legal Writing & Professor of Law 803-576-6776 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Eisenberg, Ann M. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-8805 Clinics Clinical Legal Education Faculty (Resident),Clinics,Faculty
Faculty Fox, Jacqueline R. Professor of Law 803-777-8192 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Glenn, Aaron Reference Librarian 803-777-4334 Faculty (Resident),Law Library,Faculty
Faculty Hubbard, William C. Dean Professor of Law 803-777-6857 Deans Administration,Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Jones Havard, Cassandra Professor of Law Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Kuo, Susan S. Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Professor of Law & Class of 1969 Chair for Teaching Excellence 803-777-3597 Administration,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Lane-Steele, Laura Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-6860 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Leonardi, Shelby K. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7785 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Leventis, Ami Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-5312 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Linnan, David K. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-7740 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Staff Magner, Katherine Access Services Librarian 803-777-3367 Faculty (Resident),Law Library,Faculty
Faculty Martin, Lisa V. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-2490 Clinics Clinical Legal Education Clinics,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Maxwell, Rebekah K. Associate Director for Library Operations 803-777-1725 Faculty,Faculty (Resident),Law Library
Faculty McWilliams, Martin C., Jr. Professor of Law 803-777-5639 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Means, Benjamin Professor of Law John T. Campbell Chair in Business and Professional Ethics 803-777-3616 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Medlin, S. Alan David W. Robinson Professor of Law 803-777-7465 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Miller, Colin Professor of Law & Thomas H. Pope Professorship in Trial Advocacy 803-777-6654 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Milligan, Amy Assistant Director of Legal Writing 803-777-3386 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Osborne, McKenzie Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7756 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Pereira, Cornelius Head of Technical Services 803-777-5898 Technical Services Law Library,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Plevel, Rebecca Reference Librarian 803-576-7789 Faculty,Faculty (Resident),Law Library
Faculty Polavarapu, Aparna Associate Professor of Law 803-777-8925 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Raj, Claire S. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-1391 Clinics Clinical Legal Education Clinics,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Ross, Eve Reference Librarian 803-777-6109 Faculty,Law Library,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Said, Wadie E. Miles and Ann Loadholt Professor of Law 803-777-0471 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Samuels, Joel Professor of Law Director, Rule of Law Collaborative 803-777-8295 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Seiner, Joseph A. Oliver Ellsworth Professor of Federal Practice 803-777-5569 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Smith, Bryant Walker Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6880 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Snow, Ned Associate Dean for Faculty Development Ray Taylor Fair Professor of Law 803-777-8064 Deans Administration,Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Stoughton, Seth W. Professor of Law Professor (Affiliate) of Criminology and Criminal Justice 803-777-3055 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Suski, Emily Associate Dean for Clinics and Externships Associate Professor of Law 803-777-7735 Clinics, Clinical Legal Education, externship Faculty,Clinics,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Toussaint, Etienne C. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-8178 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Virzi, Michael J. Legal Writing Instructor 803-777-7742 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Wallace, Clinton G. Associate Professor of Law 803-777-6594 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Wasilczuk, Madalyn K. Assistant Professor of Law Faculty,Faculty (Resident),Clinics
Faculty Wester, Candle M. Associate Director for Faculty Services and Administration 803-777-7229 Faculty (Resident),Faculty,Law Library
Faculty Wilcox, Robert M. Professor of Law 803-777-6112 Faculty (Resident),Faculty
Faculty Winston, Emily R. Assistant Professor of Law 803-777-6591 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)
Faculty Yablon-Zug, Marcia A. Miles and Ann Loadholt Professor of Family Law 803-777-3615 Faculty,Faculty (Resident)

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