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CALI Recipients

Instructor Course Title CALI Recipient
Barnes Wills, Trusts, and Estates

Apostolos Pittas

Coggiola Problems in Professional Responsibility Nina Augustine
English Patent Application Preparation Gregory Furr
Leventis Drafting Business Agreements Warren Foster
Leventis Drafting Business Agreements Matthew Thompson
Instructor Course Title CALI Recipient
Boyd Administrative Law Grace E Driggers
Boyd Administrative Law Glynnis A Hagins
Zug Advanced Family Law Emma J Blakley
Zug Advanced Family Law Roger M Stevens
Eichhorn Advanced Legal Analysis William G Arnold
Moise/Morgan Advanced Legal Writing Amanda  Davinson
Richardson Advanced Legal Writing Christy Litz
Andrews Appellate Advocacy Samantha J Dorward
Duncan Bankruptcy Kelley D Mobley
Toussaint Business Associations DeKiah N Baxter
Winston Business Associations Kelli N Smith
Manning Business Torts William E Hilger
Dickey/Foster CAPSTONE COURSE: Civil Litigation Amelia M Farmer
Dickey/Foster CAPSTONE COURSE: Civil Litigation Alexandra  Glunt
Dickey/Foster CAPSTONE COURSE: Civil Litigation Christiana B Olbrych
Cross Civil Procedure Paul A Clowes
Cross Civil Procedure Steven P Hix
Eichhorn Civil Procedure Allison B Robertson
Flanagan Civil Procedure Chloë L Satzger
Richardson Climate Change Seminar William E Hilger
Richardson Climate Change Seminar Jordan M Wayburn
Brown Constitutional Issues in Public Education Law Samuel C Williams
Black Constitutional Law Robert J Lee
Crocker Constitutional Law Chloë L Satzger
Wasilczuk Criminal Adjudication Lauren E Martin
Kuo Criminal Procedure Grace E Driggers
Kuo Criminal Procedure Christel L Purvis
Wilcox Cybersecurity Law and Policy George P Bournazian
Wasilczuk Eighth Amendment Law & Litigation James B Robbins
Tyson/Traywick Election Law James E Fant
McWilliams English Legal History Paul N Nybo
McCulloch/Wyatt Entertainment Law Allison O Pennington
Eagle Environmental Law of Natural Resources Jordan M Wayburn
Newsome Estate Planning Marilyn D Orcutt
Miller Evidence Sarah A Lowy
Miller Evidence Lauren E Martin
Martin Evidence Christel L Purvis
Anderson Federal Courts Grace E Driggers
Rustin FinTech Law, Financial Regulation, & Policy James B Robbins
Boyd Food and Drug Law Jonathan  Abrams
Martin Gender-Based Violence Seminar Adriana I Hernandez
Lockemy Going to Court in South Carolina Francis X Halloran
Fox Health Law and Policy Grace E Driggers
Said Immigration Law Ryan A Mosser
Wallace Income Taxation Kaiya R Andrews
Wallace Income Taxation Arslan S Valimohamed
Seiner Individual Employment Law Jordan M Wayburn
Linnan International Business Transactions Adam S Johnston
Davis Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation Jessica T Carroll
Davis Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation Joseph B Studemeyer
Gupta-Kagan Juvenile Justice Briana  Cacace
Wheeler Law and Economics Kaiya R Andrews
Wheeler Law and Economics William E Hilger
Wheeler Law and Economics Zachary C North
Willis Law and Rhetoric William B Koontz
Willis Law and Rhetoric Matan  Perets
Osborne/Glenn Legal Research, Analysis and Writing II Di Stefano, Sarah
Leonardi/Brackmann Legal Research, Analysis and Writing II Julian Hennig
Milligan/Ross Legal Research, Analysis and Writing II Steven P Hix
Baker/Plevel Legal Research, Analysis and Writing II Katherine R Kristinik
Leventis/Alford Legal Research, Analysis and Writing II Kersey A Reynolds
Virzi/Maxwell Legal Research, Analysis and Writing II Matthew R Turner
Bockman Legal Writing for the Courts Alexandra  Glunt
Bockman Legal Writing for the Courts Francis X Halloran
McWilliams  Mergers and Acquisitions Ryan P Henry
McWilliams Mergers and Acquisitions William M Walters
Gore Military Law Hannah R DeMaurice
Gore Military Law Sarah A Lowy
Gore Military Law William W Pacwa
Gupta-Kagan Parents, Children and the State Halee M Smith
Seiner Principles of Labor Law Samuel C Williams
Richardson Property Scarlett A Black
Snow Property Lindsey  Blackwell
Richardson Property Chelsea J Burkhart
Wilcox Property Allison B Robertson
Callen Real Estate Transactions II Anna L Gumpert
Callen Real Estate Transactions II Madison J Westerholt
Lacy Secured Transactions Michael A Coward
Gough Fry/Wirt Small Business Organizations Capstone Baker, Dole P
Handel State and Local Tax Mallory A Clamp
Handel State and Local Tax Joel  Reighard
Wallace Taxation of Property Transactions Mallory A Clamp
Shoemake Technology and Criminal Prosecution Diana M August
D'Elia Technology and the Practice of Law Mackenzie B Catanzaro
Smith Technology Law : Law of the Newly Possible Andrew L Nye
Maxfield The Lean Law Firm Lab Catherine D Catoe
Jedziniak Topics in Insurance Law Joseph C Alvarez
Bayne/Fulkert Trial Advocacy Carson S Anderson
Willis/Fulkert/Newton Trial Advocacy Grace M Babcock
Willis/Fulkert/Newton Trial Advocacy Randi N Jones
Bayne/Fulkert Trial Advocacy Morgan C Eddy
Bayne/FUlkert Trial Advocacy Laura P Hooven
Bayne/FUlkert Trial Advocacy Jason D Tullos
Bayne/FUlkert Trial Advocacy Briana  Marshall
Bayne/Fulkert Trial Advocacy Kelley D Mobley
Willis/Fulkert/Newton Trial Advocacy Gabrielle L Sharp
Willis/Fulkert/Newton Trial Advocacy Alexandra N Sprang
Dojaquez Veterans Legal Clinic James C Barkley
Dojaquez Veterans Legal Clinic Katelyn M Johnson
Black Voting Rights & Representation Seminar Jordan M Wayburn
Medlin Wills, Trusts, and Estates Sarah A McKenzie
Medlin Wills, Trusts, and Estates Ethan S Strickland
 Instructor Class CALI Recipient(s)
Anderson Evidence Mallory Clamp
Andrews Appellate Advocacy   
Baker/Plevel Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I Abigail Wright
Black Education Law and Policy Lydia Hendrix
Bockman Legal Writing for the Courts Rob Tiro
Bodman Children and the Courts   
Boyd Food Law and Policy   
Brown Poverty Law and Policy Reilly Lerner
Brown Poverty Law and Policy Tia Reed
Chambliss Problems in Professional Responsibility Lauren Hoyns
Cherry Contract Law Robert Lee
Cherry Contract Law Katherine Mullett
Childress Russian Law and the Legal System Adam Beaty
Coggiola Criminal Trial Practice   
Coker Alternative Dispute Resolution   
Cooper Judicial Externship   
Cross Conflict of Laws Alexandra Glunt
Davis Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation Robert Reid
Dojaquez Veterans Legal Clinic Ariel Dunham
Eagle Coastal Law Lauren Martin
Eagle Land Use Planning Marilyn Orcutt
Eagle Land Use Planning Karen Wells
Eichhorn Advanced Legal Writing Elizabeth French
Eichhorn Advanced Legal Writing Ashleigh Harris
Eichhorn Advanced Civil Procedure Dixie McCullom
Eisenberg Environmental Law Clinic Not Awarding
Few Advanced Evidence: Law and Strategy Paul Nybo
Fox Torts Scarlet Black
Fox Bioethics Seminar   
Gaines Criminal Practice Clinic   
Gupta-Kagan Juvenile Justice Clinic Not Awarding
Higgins Real Estate Transactions I Not Awarding
Jedziniak Insurance Michelle Burnham
Jedziniak Insurance Jenn Stevens
Keesley Alternative Dispute Resolution   
Kuo Criminal Law Marika Carlson
Kuo Criminal Law Clara Hanger
Kuo Criminal Law Steven Hix
Kuo Criminal Law Allison Robertson
Lacy Contract Law   
Lacy South Carolina Worker's Compensation   
Leonardi/Brackmann Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I Julian Hennig
Leventis/Alford Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I Edward Mitchell
Linnan International Trade Law Caitlin Cameron
Linnan International Environmental Law Lillian Lawrence
Linnan International Environmental Law Grant Richards
Linnan International Environmental Law Tiffany Scott
Linnan International Environmental Law Alex Sprang
Lockemy American Legal History   
Martin Domestic Violence Clinic Anna Claire Tucker
Maxfield Consumer Law Richard Morris
McCulloch/Wyatt Sports Law Andrew Balcerzak
Means Contract Law Nicholas Spagnuolo
Means Contract Law Rich Sheedy
Medlin Introduction to the Legal Profession   
Medlin Wills, Trusts, and Estates George Bournazian
Milligan/Ross Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I Shannon Wood
Morgan Advanced Legal Writing Meghan Wicker
Morgan Advanced Legal Writing Samuel Williams
Newman Trial Advocacy   
Osborne/Glenn Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I Lyndsey Ebener
Osborne/Glenn Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I Domenic Sciortino
Pinnock/Hagins Trial Advocacy   
Polavarapu Comparative Law   
Polavarapu Transnational Law   
Provenzano Federal Courts Jordan Wayburn
Provenzano Conflict of Laws Lindsey Behnke
Raj Special Education Law James Wise
Raj Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation Michelle Burnham
Reid Legislative Process Joseph Hale
Richardson Advanced Legal Writing   
Richardson Environmental Law & Policy William Kuriger
Rookard In-House Counsel Externship   
Said Criminal Law Jordyn Holley
Said Criminal Law Nicholas Spagnuolo
Said Criminal Law Kenzie Scott-Galloway
Said Criminal Procedure Mackenzie Catanzaro
Sampson/Goldberg South Carolina Criminal Law and Procedure   
Seiner Employment Discrimination Mckala Troxler
Sella-Villa Data Privacy Lauren Martin
Serbin International Intellectual Property Not Awarding
Smith Torts Allison Robertson
Smith Torts JJ Martin
Smith Torts Dom Sciortino
Smith Torts Evan Dawkins
Smith Torts Stephen Quinn
Smith Transportation Law Tia Reed
Smith Transportation Law Kelsey Abbey
Snow Patent Law   
Snow Intellectual Property   
Stoughton Criminal Procedure Lauren Martin
Suski Torts Alyssa McMahon
Thomas Estate Planning Madison Rinehart
Toussaint Secured Transactions Matthew Abney
Toussaint Secured Transactions Dole Baker
Toussaint Secured Transactions Robert Levin
Virzi/Maxwell Legal Research, Analysis and Writing I Alicia Forehand
Wallace Income Taxation Mary Geer Kirkland
Wallace Corporate Tax Rob Levin
Wasilczuk Interviewing, Counseling and Negotiation Gulie Moore
Welton Administrative Law Jordan Wayburn
Welton Energy Law Christel Purvis
Wheeler Antitrust Law and Trade Regulation   
Wilcox Problems in Professional Responsibility Grace Driggers
Wilcox Problems in Professional Responsibility Ethan Strickland
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy Jacob Kea
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy William Neal
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy Chase Seymour
Winston Securities Regulation Madison Killen
Winston Business Associations Grace Driggers
Winston Business Associations James Wise
Zug Family Law Jordan Wayburn
Zug Federal Indian Law   
Instructor Class CALI Recipient(s)
Alford/Leventis LRAW Mallory Clamp
Alford/Leventis LRAW Roni Payne
Anderson Federal Courts Kristopher McCulloch
Anderson Federal Courts Morgan Spires
Ashburn/Couvillion Small Business Organization Capstone No Submission
Baker/Bozeman LRAW Erin Johnson
Bias Civil Litigation Capstone Catherine Jumper
Bias Civil Litigation Capstone James Brice
Bias Civil Litigation Capstone Katie Busbee
Black Constitution Law James Wise
Black Constitution Law Matthew Abbey
Bockman Appellate Advocacy D. Russal Barlow
Bockman Appellate Advocacy Mary Williams
Bockman Appellate Advocacy Matthew Laney
Bockman Appellate Advocacy Robert Tiro
Bockman Legal Writing for the Courts Andrea McDonald
Bockman Legal Writing for the Courts Morgan Spires
Bodman Children and the Courts No Submission
Brown Constitutional Issues in Public Education Stephanie Besselievre
Brown Constitutional Law NOT AWARDING
Callen Real Estate Transactions II: Residential No Submission
Chambliss Future of the Legal Profession Jordan De Jaco
Chambliss Future of the Legal Profession Jason Hessel
Cherry Nonprofit Organizations Marilyn Orcutt
Coggiola Criminal Law Externship No Submission
Cooper Judicial Externship No Submission
Crater Advanced Legal Writing No Submission
Crocker Constitutional Law Christel Purvis
Crocker Constitutional Law William Pacwa
Crocker Free Speech and Democratic Theory Seminar NOT AWARDING
Cross Conflicts of Law Andrea McDonald
Cross Conflicts of Law Logan Brown
Cross Intersection of Health Law and Technology Hugh Gallagher
Davis, D. ICN William Hilger
Davis, T. Partnership Tax & LLC No Submission
Davis, T. Taxation of Property Transactions No Submission
Duncan, D. Bankruptcy Alexandra Glunt
Durant/Sowell Alternative Dispute Resolution No Submission
Eagle Beach Law Seminar NOT AWARDING
Eichhorn Advanced Legal Analysis Morgan Spires
Eichhorn Civil Procedure Austin Coward
Eisenberg ICN Kelly Taylor
Eisenberg Property No Submission
Fox Health Law & Policy No Submission
Fox Health Law: Finance and Organization No Submission
Freeman ICN No Submission
Fulkert Electronic Discovery No Submission
Glenn/Lucey Legal Research Analysis and Writing James Fant
Gore Veterans Legal Clinic No Submission
Handel State and Local Tax Brittnee Gillett
Jedziniak Topics in Insurance Law Alexandra Glunt
Jedziniak Topics in Insurance Law Jenn Stevens
Lacy Secured Transactions Paul Nybo
Leonardi (Maymester) Discovery Drafting Deyjenay Gregory
Leonardi/Brackmann LRAW Grace Driggers
Leventis (Maymester) Drafting Business Agreements Adam Johnston
Linnan Corporate Finance Joseph Hale
Linnan Corporate Finance Michael Kodetsky
Linnan Corporate Finance Shannen Deeter
Linnan International Business Transactions Benjamin Jackson
Lockemy Going to Court in South Carolina Margaret O'Shields
Lockemy Going to Court in South Carolina Martin Cain
Manning Business Torts Logan Brown
Manning Business Torts Samuel Williams
Markovic Problems in Professional Responsibility No Submission
Martin Gender‐Based Violence Seminar Caroline Buchanan
Maxfield Lean Law Firm Lab No Submission
McCulloch/Wyatt Entertainment Law No Submission
McWilliams English History Robert Barrow
McWilliams Mergers and Aquistions Marilyn Orcutt
Means Business Associations No Submission
Means Family Business Law No Submission
Medlin Wills, Trusts & Estates Dole Baker
Medlin/Bockman Law Practice Workshop No Submission
Miller Criminal Adjudication Robert Barrow
Miller Evidence Ashleigh Harris
Miller Evidence Austin Sheheen
Moise/Morgan Advanced Legal Writing Kelly Taylor
Newsome Estate Planning No Submission
Nye Administrative Law Externship No Submission
Polavarapu Comparative Law No Submission
Polavarapu Seminar on Restorative and Transformative Justice No Submission
Provenzano Civil Procedure Christel Purvis
Provenzano Civil Procedure William Pacwa
Raj Education Rights Clinic Madison Cooper
Richardson Advanced Environmental Law Seminar No Submission
Richardson Property Grace Driggers
Rookard In‐House Counsel Externship No Submission
Ross/Miligan LRAW Kaiya Andrews
Said Criminal Procedure No Submission
Said Immigration Law No Submission
Sampson/Goldberg South Carolina Law and Criminal Procedure No Submission
Seiner Alternative Dispute Resolution in Employment Law Workshop No Submission
Seiner Employment Discrimination No Submission
Shoemake/Glenn LRAW Mary Kirkland
Smith, BW Products Liability McKala Troxler
Smith, BW Technology Law: Law of the Newly Possible No Submission
Snow Property No Submission
Snow Trademark Madeline Bowers
Stoughton Police Law and Policy No Submission
Stoughton Regulation of Vice Emily Blackshire
Stoughton Regulation of Vice Robert Hurst
Stravitz Civil Procedure Lillian Lawrence
Stravitz Religious Legal Systems: Jewish Law No Submission
Suski Carolina Health Advocacy Medicolegal Partnership Clinic No Submission
Traywick Election Law Jordan Wayburn
Virzi/Maxwell Legal Research Analysis and Writing Lydia Hendrix
Wallace Income Tax Nic Perkins
Wallace Tax Policy No Submission
Welton Administrative Law Timothy Lorick
Welton Energy Law Jordan Wayburn
Wester Advanced Legal Research Miles Reynolds
Wheeler Law and Economics Kelsey Abbey
Wheeler Law and Economics Maxwell Sefarian
Wheeler Law and Economics Natalie White
Williams Family Law No Submission
Williamson Real Estate Capstone Austin Blackwell
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy Andrea McDonald
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy Garrett Simpson
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy Makenzie Wagner
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy Megan Helton
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy Meghan Wicker
Willis/Newton Trial Advocacy William Smith
Winston Business Associations Stephen Lewis
Winston Securities Regulation Ryan Romano
Yancey/Cassibry Federal Criminal Practice Capstone No Submission



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