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Acceptable Use of Computers Policy

I. Purpose

This policy outlines the acceptable use of law school computer resources and protects the law school, its students, faculty and staff from inappropriate use. As used herein, law school computers are computers, including, but not limited to installed software, operating systems and storage media that are the property of the University of South Carolina as a result of the School of Law’s purchase, rental, lending or other actions intended to make computers available to persons, groups or organizations. These systems are to be used only for work-related purposes that serve the interests of the School of Law and its students, faculty and staff.

II. General Use

  1. As noted in University policy UNIV 1.52, “In order to successfully carry out its mission, USC will act to protect the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of data, technology, and user credentials USC promotes responsible use and prohibits unauthorized use of these university assets, including for personal or other non-university purposes. Such use may be grounds for investigation and disciplinary action.”
  2. Users will not save sensitive law school data (i.e. personnel files, social security numbers, student grades, alumni or donor information) on portable media such as laptops, portable hard drives, flash drives, CDs or DVDs.
  3. The accidental loss or release of any proprietary or sensitive law school data must be reported to a law school dean immediately.
  4. Users will use caution when opening e-mails and e-mail attachments received from unknown senders, which may contain viruses, Trojans or other malware.
  5. Users will not use law school computers to view, print, save or distribute pornographic material.
  6. Computer access in the Commons Area, Room 121, located on the first floor adjacent to the Law Library, is restricted only to currently enrolled University of South Carolina students, faculty, and staff. The commons area computers are not open to the general public because student technology fees are used to supply and maintain the equipment.
  7. Currently enrolled students, faculty and staff must login to the School of Law Commons Area computers with an active USC Network ID and password.
  8. Printing in the School of Law Commons Area is restricted only to University of South Carolina School of Law Students.
  9. Equipment borrowed from the Academic Technology Department will be returned at an agreed upon time in the same condition in which it was loaned.

III. Related University Policies

  • UNIV 1.52 — Responsible Use of Data, Technology, and User Credentials
  • UNIV 1.51 — Data and Information Governance
  • IT 3.00 — Information Security

(Updated 11 March 2019)

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