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Panopto Retention Policy


Define how long video content will be retained on the Panopto Video Management System. This policy establishes guidelines for the law school’s content retention rules for content stored on the Panopto video management system. This policy is designed to reduce the number of videos retained on the platform, decrease the amount of storage costs, and limit risks associated with retaining video content and user data 

General Definitions 

For purposes of this policy, unless otherwise stated, the following definitions will apply:

  • Course Content: All recordings within a folder associated by name with a law school course in Panopto. Recordings may include any video or audio uploaded or created by instructors or students during the semester the course took place.
  • Institutional Content: All recordings created or managed by an area or department of the law school for institutional purposes or advancement. Recordings may include conferences, symposiums, training videos, seminars, marketing material, special events, honor code hearings, etc.
  • External Content: All recordings created on behalf of an organization that is not affiliated with the law school.
  • Recycle Bin: The recycle bin in Panopto holds all deleted recordings for 90 days before they are permanently deleted. Video creators can move videos to the recycle bin and restore their videos from the recycle bin. Law School Panopto Admins can restore videos and permanently delete videos in the recycle bin upon request.
  • Permanently Deleted: A video not retrievable by the Academic Technology department or by Panopto. Videos are permanently deleted after 90-days in the recycle bin. A video can be permanently deleted by Law School Panopto Admins upon request.
  • Restoration: Videos that are in the recycle bin may be restored at any time within the 90-day holding period by the video creator or by a Law School Panopto Admin. Permanently deleted videos cannot be restored.  
  • Personal Folder: All users have a personal folder in Panopto otherwise known as “My Folder.”  


This policy applies to all video content on the law schools Panopto site and refers to all content automatically created by video capture tools and platforms associated with the Panopto platform. 

Guiding Principles 

  • Retain course content for a period in which instructors, students, staff, and administrators find adequate and useful. 
  • Guide Law School Panopto Admins in retention practices. 
  • Identify and Categorize Panopto content that will require different retention policies. 
  • Improve Panopto content awareness and capabilities across the law school. 
  • Ensure that Panopto storage space is used efficiently and reduce the need for backups and increased disk storage. 
  • Reduce risks associated with retaining video content and user data. 

Retention Policies 

Course Content

All course content will be moved to the recycle bin within the first week following the last day of exams each semester. This will allow for any special retention or deletion requests to be made to a Law School Panopto Admin. 

Course content requested to be retained by a faculty member will be relocated to their personal folder where it can be retained for the life of their Panopto account. 

Institutional Content

All institutional content designated by a Law School Panopto Admin may be stored in the appropriate department folder with the Panopto indefinite retention policy. All content will undergo a two-year retention audit where Law School Panopto Admins will be asked to evaluate their departments content for clean-up. Videos without any views for more than two years will be identified for the Law School Panopto Admins automatically in this audit. 

External Content

All external content recorded as a courtesy to an external organization will be downloaded and supplied to the organization upon the conclusion of their event. Any captured content will be retained in the recycle bin for 90 days to allow for restoration if needed. 

Personal Folders

All users may retain their videos for the life of their Panopto account in their personal folderA student’s personal folder will be removed upon graduation or withdrawal from the law school. A faculty and staff members personal folder will be removed upon separation from the law school. All users may download their personal folder content prior to separation from the law school. Any users who have not logged in for more than three years will be removed from Panopto along with the content in their personal folder. 


Faculty, Staff, and Students will be informed of the retention policy via email at the start of each fall and spring semester. 

External organizations will be informed of the retention policy when terms of their contract are agreed upon.

The Panopto site banner will be used to remind users of the policy during the first month of each semester.

Law School Panopto Admins will be asked to conduct an audit of their area’s respective content every two years and to take action to clean up any videos no longer needed. 


Revisions of this policy will be taken into consideration once a year. 

(Updated 1 April 2021)

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