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One of the cornerstones of any volunteer program is recognition, which can be delivered by many methods and by varied people. On a routine basis signs posted in public spaces in the law school as well as personal notes recognize volunteers who perform service that stands out.

Annually USC School of Law students are honored for their dedicated commitment to the goals of the Pro Bono Program. The criteria and process below explains how these exemplary volunteers are selected.

Total of 11 Pro Bono volunteers awards

  • 1 Hugh L. Willcox Pro Bono Volunteer of the Year
  • 10 Outstanding Service Award Winners


  • Models/exemplars for other volunteers
  • Maintain a balance in their student life
  • Student in good academic standing
  • Involved in either one or more Pro Bono programs or
  • Initiated a new program
  • Enthusiastic in their support of the Pro Bono Program
  • Provided leadership in the Pro Bono Program
  • Encouraged and promoted the Program


  1. Solicit nominations from the entire student body
  2. Nominations are be screened by the Pro Bono Board with input from the directors or organizers of the various Pro Bono projects. Additional information is often secured at this point.
  3. Final selection by the Pro Bono Board
  4. Certificates awarded at the Law School Awards Day or a suitable ceremony.

The goal of this Award is to recognize Law School student organizations that, as a whole have demonstrated the most significant contribution to pro bono activities and volunteer engagement.

Annually an application is distributed to all law school organizations.


The factors that will be considered when awarding points are:

  • Percentage of members involved in pro bono projects
  • Percentage of members involved in community service projects
  • Demonstrated commitment to the ethic of service
  • Efforts to incorporate or include non-members of the organization in the project

The winning organization is announced at the Annual Law School Awards Day and presented with a plaque and a monetary award that can be used by their members to enhance the organization’s pro bono efforts.

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