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Project Ayuda

Volunteers assist the Hispanic community by providing information about legal and non-legal issues, connecting with attorneys, and locating resources where Spanish is spoken. Volunteers also translate a limited number of documents.On occasion informal interpreters services are needed for other pro bono programs.

Training: Research skills needed

Purpose of Project

  • To provide opportunities for law students to work along side the attorneys and clients
  • To provide skills development and enhancement opportunities for law students
  • To provide opportunities for students to utilize their Spanish language skills
  • To provide exposure to the legal issues faced by the Hispanic community

Requirements or Qualifications

Law students must:

  • be in good academic standing
  • complete and submit the Volunteer Enrollment Form
  • have either writing or speaking Spanish language skills
  • have an interest in serving the Hispanic population

Responsibilities of the Project

Project Ayuda must:

  • agree to properly supervise the work of the law student
  • provide clear and timely instructions
  • seek opportunities to expose the students to various tasks including translation
  • provide feedback when possible.

Responsibilities of the Students

The students must:

  • communicate effectively and efficiently
  • complete tasks in a timely and competent manner
  • seek assistance when needed
  • perform duties professionally
  • treat this volunteer opportunity as if it was a paying or for-credit position

Skills Opportunities

The following Core Skills may be associated with this particular volunteer opportunity. Not all tasks will contain all of these skills. See the complete Core Competencies & Skills Inventory for more details.

  • Core Skill: Oral Communication and Listening Abilities
  • Core Skill: Writing Skills
  • Core Skill: Task Organization and Management
  • Core Skills: Professionalism