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Event Policy

Events are expected to comply with any continuing guidance for risk mitigation protocols. Event hosts are encouraged to include language about self-monitoring in all publicity. 

In accordance with university guidelines, as of March 17, 2022, face coverings are optional inside the School of Law.  Voluntary masking  is supported, and KN95 masks are available from University Health Services.

Consistent with classroom protocol, physical distancing is no longer required for events which do not include meals. 

Indoor events with meal service (ie: lunches and dinners) should remain at 3-foot distance between seats. 

Outdoor events should be planned with inclement weather in mind. Event hosts can either plan the event with the indoor capacity or choose a rain date in advance. The event host is responsible for any increased costs associated with the latter option. Event hosts should ensure venues are reserved for their rain location and/or date.

General Body meetings can be conducted in person or virtually. 

Meeting hosts who want any technical support will be expected to use TEAMS, Blackboard Collaborate or other University/School of Law approved platform.  If you would like your organization to have a TEAMS channel, please submit a ticket to the Division of IT.  We also recommend you use a smart podium to ensure all participants can see all aspects of the room.

Those who choose to use a non-approved platform do so at their own risk (i.e. security breaches, etc.) and will NOT be provided any technical support from the University/School of Law. 

Student organizations wishing to have an in-person component available for their meeting should contact Eliza McLeod  in Student Affairs. All other requestors can contact Heidi Tolles.

Registration, attendance, and sign-in sheets are all recommended.

Guest speakers and panels can be hosted in person or virtually.

In-person events involving campus visitors are strongly encouraged to include language about self-monitoring for symptoms in the event publicity. In-person guest speakers and panels may offer coffee/tea/snacks at full capacity.

Virtual meeting hosts that want any technical support will be expected to use TEAMS, Blackboard Collaborate, or other University/School of Law approved platform.  Unless otherwise dictated by the presenter, the method of delivery MUST be a university approved platform. 

Horseshoe Catering/Aramark has the exclusive right to provide catering services on campus for all catering orders which total or exceed $500. Event guests are expected to follow all university protocols for Covid-19 mitigation. Event hosts are strongly encouraged to use individually boxed meals or buffets with sneeze guards.

Last updated March 18, 2022

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