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Event Policy



RSVP/registration as well as sign-in sheets will be required for all meetings/events to control the number of participants and allow for contact tracing if deemed necessary.

Any approval is contingent on the campus alert level at the time of the activity. Some activities may be restricted if the campus is at alert level 2 (orange). All activities will be cancelled if the campus is at alert level 3 (red). Activities may also be affected if the reserved space becomes subject to a local-level alert change.

Failure to follow the guidelines outlined on this page, and any changes that happen as we move through this semester, will result in you and/or your organization not being allowed to schedule any further meetings, as well as potential referral to the Office of Student Conduct. 

Please be advised that per the University’s Office of Student Life:

Students who are identified as hosting/organizing social gatherings larger than permitted by university rule or city ordinance will be immediately placed on interim suspension — this includes all residents of the location where the social function occurred. While on interim suspension, the student will be barred from campus until the resolution of their disciplinary case. The recommended sanction for students who host social gatherings will be suspension from the university.

We encourage meetings to be conducted virtually. 

Meeting hosts who want any technical support will be expected to use TEAMS, Blackboard Collaborative or other University/School of Law approved platform.  If you would like your organization to have a TEAMS Channel, please submit a ticket to the Division of IT.  We also recommend you use a smart podium so all participants can see all aspects of the room.

Those who choose to use a non-approved platform do so at their own risk (i.e. security breaches, etc.) and will NOT be provided any technical support from the University/School of Law. 

If an organization still desires to have an in-person component available for their meeting, they will need to strictly adhere to the safety guidelines being followed by the University/School of Law.  These rules include, but are not limited to, appropriate use of face coverings, physical distancing, and cleaning of desk space utilizing the established “gym rules.”  

At this time, student meetings may only meet in the Judge Karen J. Williams Courtroom with a MAXIMUM occupancy of 30.  The courtroom will be available for reservation Monday through Friday from 7-8 p.m.

Individuals who are not UofSC students, faculty or staff are not permitted unless otherwise approved.

Registration is required for all event participants. Walk-ins will not be accommodated.

Attendance and a sign-in sheet is required for in-person attendees and made available to Student Affairs (student organizations) or Administration (all other meeting hosts).  These lists will only be shared for contract tracing needs.  

Reservation of the courtroom MUST be made no less than one week in advance so that we can contact facilities and make sure they are able to clean the space appropriately.   Reservation requests for student organizations can be submitted to Heather Beatty or Jacob Watters in Student Affairs. All other requestors can contact Bari Lasky.

We encourage all presentations/panels to be done virtually.  In fact, this time is an opportunity to reach outside of the typical circle of speakers to those that you would not have historically been able to work with due to money and travel restrictions to create even more robust programming then historically possible.

Meeting hosts that want any technical support will be expected to use TEAMS, Blackboard Collaborative, or other University/School of Law approved platform.  Unless otherwise dictated by the presenter, the method of delivery MUST be a university approved platform. 

If a student organization is insistent on having a meeting with an in-person guest, they will be required to make these arrangements no less than 2 weeks in advance to receive all appropriate approvals.  If your meeting/panel will have more than 9 visitors to the building, you must submit the Event Proposal Form to request approval at the university level with the Systems Operations subcommittee, as charged by the Future Planning Group. 

Intense scrutiny will be given regarding the "essential" need of a visitor being on campus.

All approved visitors must adhere to all health and safety requirements of the law school building and university community.  Minimum procedures include:

The School of Law will not approve or sanction any off-campus events of any size.  If any reimbursements are requested for off-campus events, they will not be processed. 

We advise you to be aware of any city, county, and state ordinances as you move forward. 

Off-campus caterers will be suspended until further notice.  Horseshoe Catering/Aramark has the exclusive right to provide catering services on campus and is our sole provider until it is determined that it is safe to once again use outside food service providers.  Food is not allowed in classrooms. 


Last updated January 19, 2021

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