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School of Medicine Columbia

Faculty and Staff

Seungjin Shin

Title: Research Assistant Professor
Director of the Viral Vector Core Facility
Department: Pharmacology, Physiology & Neurology
School of Medicine Columbia
Phone: 803-216-3525

Pharmacology, Physiology & Neuroscience
SOM VA Campus, Bldg #1 3rd Fl, Rm D-55



Bachelor of Science
Seoul National University

Seoul National University

Northwestern University & Rosalind Franklin University

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Our vector core is a full service facility with more than a decade experience in the production of viral-based platforms for gene delivery including lentiviral vectors, adeno-associated vectors (AAV), adenovirus and Herpes Simplex Virus (HSV). The vector core provides service for researchers both intramural and extramural to USC, interested in utilizing viral-based method of gene delivery. In addition to design, cloning and vector production, we provide our customers with resources critical for understanding of the biological aspects of the vector technology. Our vectors are suitable for both in-vitro and in-vivo studies. We provide our customers with robust quality control including guarantee of purity and safety.

New CRISPR transEDIT-dual arrayed library (Transomic Technologies Inc) has been placed. University of South Carolina researchers will have full access to the CRISPR library and to Transomic's complete list of CRISPR-Cas9 expression vectors. Our researchers plan to use Transomic's CRISPR genome-editing tools to knockout specific genes of interest. We also plan to take advantage of the versatility of Transomic's CRISPR library by pooling the CRISPR products to screen against focused sets of genes

Recent Publications

  • Decker JT, Hobson EC, Zhang Y, Shin S, Thomas AL, Jeruss JS, Arnold KB, Shea LD (2017) Systems analysis of dynamic transcription factor activity identifies targets for treatment in Olaparib resistant cancer cells. Biotechnol Bioeng. 2017 Sep;114(9):2085-2095.
  • Mandal T, Shin S, Aluvila S, Chen HC, Grieve C, Choe JY, Cheng EH, Hustedt EJ, Oh KJ (2016) Assembly of Bak homodimers into higher order homooligomers in the mitochondrial apoptotic pore. Sci Rep. 2016 Aug 4;6:30763
  • Dunkan MT, Shin S, Wu JJ, Mays Z, Miller WM, Shea LD (2014). Dynamic transcription factor activity profiles reveal key regulatory interactions during megakaryocyte and erythrocyte differentiation. Biotechnol Bioeng. 111(10): 2082-94
  • Shin S, Tuinstra HM, Salvay DM, Shea LD (2010) Phosphatidylserine immobilization of lentivirus for localized gene transfer. Biomaterials 31:4353-9.                                    
  • Shin S, Shea LD (2010) Lentivirus Immobilization to Nanoparticles for Enhanced and Localized Delivery from Hydrogels. Molecular Therapy. 18:700-6.
  • Shin S, Li N, Kobayashi N, Yoon JW, Jun HS (2008) Remission of Diabetes by Beta Cell Regeneration in Diabetic Mice Treated with a Recombinant Adenovirus Expressing Betacellulin. Molecular Therapy 16:854-61. 


Lab Members

  • Christopher Seliga – lab manager


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