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My School of Medicine

M.D. Program

Earning your Doctor of Medicine degree can be challenging, but having all the materials you need to succeed in medical school in one place can make it a little bit easier.

Honor System

Academic integrity and strict adherence to the South Carolina School of Medicine honor system is a core element of our Doctor of Medicine program.

Download the Honor Code [pdf]

Report a Violation [pdf]  


Oasis Scheduling

The Oasis Scheduling platform helps you sign-up for all of your required and elective courses. Login



Students will need access to a variety of resources as they complete their didactic education.

MI Orientation 

Your pre-clinical education begins with the MI Orientation, a week-long program held at the end of July.

  • Establishing connections with peers, faculty and staff
  • Connecting students with on-campus, local, and national resources and organizations
  • Informing students about relevant policies and procedures for the School of Medicine and the University of South Carolina
  • Preparing students for the academic expectations of medical school
  • Assisting students with taking care of any last-minute issues prior starting classes

The Class of 2023 Orientation will be held Monday, July 29 through Friday, Aug. 2. View the full orientation schedule [pdf]

MI Orientation Schedule

8:30 a.m.:  Check-In

8:45 a.m.:  Student & Career Services Introductions

9:00 a.m.:  Welcome from Dean Les Hall, MD & Student Introductions                        

9:30a.m.: Registrar Information & Introductions

9:45 a.m.:  Library Orientation & Introductions [pdf]

10:15 a.m.:  Group Picture and Short Break

10:30 a.m.:  Curricular Affairs Introductions

10:45 a.m.:  M1 Faculty and Course Introductions

11:15 a.m.:  Ultrasound Curriculum

11:45 a.m.:  BREAK/Pick up lunch

12:00 p.m.:  Lunch/Bingo

1:00 p.m.:  Student Government

1:15 p.m.:  Honor Council

1:30 p.m.:  Student Health Services [pdf]

2:00 p.m.: Introduction to Computers

2:15 p.m.:  VA Safety

2:30 p.m.:  Break

3:00 p.m.:  Leadership Program Overview

3:10 p.m.:  Financial Aid Updates

3:15 p.m.:  Prisma Health On Boarding & Health Services

3:30 p.m.:  SC AHEC Opportunities

3:45 p.m.:  PALS/Ombudspersons

4:00-6:00 p.m.:  White Coat Fitting & Headshots

8:45 a.m.:  Check -In

9:00 a.m.:  Study Skills Boot Camp

12:00 p.m.:  South Carolina Medical Association/Alumni Lunch

1:00 p.m.:  MII Student Panel Q&A

2:00 p.m.:  Ice Breakers with MSA

3:00 p.m.:  Med School Scavenger Hunt

Complete Matriculating Medical Student Questionnaire

Complete Study Carrel Registration Form

Visit IT (Laptop Setup)

8:00 a.m.:  12:00 p.m.:  Morning sessions

Noon - 1:00 p.m.:  Health Professions Scholarship Program Lunch - Army

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.:  Afternoon sessions

8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.:  Morning sessions

9:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m.:  Health Professions Scholarship Program Lunch - Army

1:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.:  Afternoon sessions

 9:15 a.m.:  Prisma Health Richland Hospital Orientation and Tours - Meet at Prisma Health Richland Auditorium

1:00 p.m.: Free for the weekend! See you on Monday morning. 



As you complete your clinical education, you'll work toward selecting a specialty and applying for residencies. Access the resources you'll need as you navigate the path to residency here.

Elective Course Information 

Information on elective course options for third and fourth year students, as well as visiting students, is available in the elective course catalog on the Oasis Scheduling platform. 

Path to Residency

The School of Medicine is committed to making sure you are as prepared as possible for the residency interview process and your graduate medical education.


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