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Financial Aid

As you prepare to undertake one of the most challenging and rewarding educational experiences, it’s important to start planning on how to finance your education early on in the process. The cost of higher education is rising, requiring students to be more proactive and diligent about searching for financial support.

Financial Aid Timeline

It is important to review the financial aid timeline regularly to ensure you meet upcoming financial aid deadlines.

Scholarships, Loans, Fellowships and Grants

With the rising cost of higher education, it is important to explore multiple sources of financial assistance, start planning early, and set a budget. There are a myriad of federal programs and private sources to assist you financially through medical school.

The financial aid sources provided on the our site is not an exhausted list of all sources of aid. However, this information covers the largest and most often used sources of assistance by our students. 

Footnote: Federal programs are subject to revision, cancellation, or expansion by the Congress, and the others are subject to today’s economic climate. 


Budget Tips

Escalating costs, current interest rates, and the decline in available financial resources make it necessary for you to plan for your medical education. The Office of Student and Career Services can assist you in evaluating your financial obligations.

  • Request a Credit Report -
  • Estimate your needs and plan a logical useable budget.
  • Consider all means available for meeting your financial needs.
  • Find a way to meet your basic needs without total depletion of resources.
  • Keep in mind that misuse of financial assets can destroy an academic career as rapidly as misuse of time and energy.
  • It is important to keep personal records of all financial aid transactions.
  • Search for and apply for all scholarships and loans for which you may qualify.
  • Do not miss submission deadlines for forms and applications.
  • Find ways to curtail personal expenses.
  • Ask questions from your financial aid advisor.
  • Reassess your needs periodically.

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