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School of Medicine Greenville

Student Research

University of South Carolina School of Medicine Greenville (USCSOMG): Student Project Database
A database of projects completed or started by USCSOMG medical students has been compiled and can be searched by specific keywords or by research mentor. Medical student research is inclusive of the following topical areas:
  • Bedside (Clinical and Translational)
  • Bench (Cellular and Molecular)
  • Community Health
  • Medical Education
  • Population Health/Health Policy
  • Other areas
Additional information regarding student projects is available upon request.

Student Research Database

Project Title Mentor Name Department Research Keywords
(hidden column)
Blood analysis of tumor markers in lung cancer Sharon Ben-Or, MD Surgery Treatment efficacy, lung cancer, tumor markers, blood sampling, improved patient treatment
The Relevance of Personality and Resilience in Medical Students' Choice of Medical Specialty John Cull MD Clemson Research Personality; Resiliency; Specialty Choice; Burnout; Brief Resilience Scale; Big Factor Five Inventory
Irritable Bowel Syndrome and Endometriosis: Prospective Analysis of the Effect of Surgery. Bruce Lessey MD OBGYN IBS; endometriosis
A Multi-modal, Opioid Sparing Pain Management Strategy in Cardiac Surgery Caroline McKillop Anesthesiology opioid, pain, pain management, cardiac surgery, anesthesia
Insurance Status Influence on Discharge Location and Length of Stay After Ischemic Stroke Christine Schammel Pathology Stroke
Reported Rationales for HPV Vaccination vs. Non-Vaccination Among Undergraduate and Medical Students in Upstate South Carolina. John Cull Surgery HPV
Microwave Ablation of a Gallbladder Remnant Following Partial Cholecystectomy Michael Devane Radiology Ablation
Management of Tibial Bow in Fibular Deficiency David Westberry Orthopedics Tibial Bowing
cfDNA/blastocoel Fluid Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences Embryos
The Effect of Timing of Post-Operative Radiographs on Coronal Balance in Idiopathic Posterior Spinal Fusion Patients—A Retrospective Analysis Michael Wattenbarger Orthopaedics Orthopaedics
CATCH Project Julie Linton Pediatrics We will be working with Berea Middle School as well as Pasos in order to increase the amount of resources available to the underserved Latino and African American students and their families.
Assessing the potential therapeutic efficacy of amnion-based biologics for osteoarthritis Jeremy Mercuri Clemson Research amnion-based biologics, osteoarthritis, steroid injections
Epic Mentor Program Kerry Smith Clemson Research eukaryotic
Petrosal Bone Morphotype Investigation Lauren Gonzalez Biomedical Sciences Petrosal Bone, Comparative anatomy, cochlea, semicircular canals, paleontology
Laparoscopic vs. Open Placement of Ventriculogallbladder Shunt in Cases of Pediatric Hydrocephalus Earl (Chris) Troup Neuroscience ventriculogallbladder shunt, pediatric neurosurgery, pediatric shunt revision, hydrocephalus
Outcomes of Revascularization in Patients with Previous Contralateral Amputation Sagar Gandhi Surgery Amputation, revascularization, critical limb ischemia
Comparative Biology - Morphotyping the Petrosal Bones of Various Animals to Look at Inner Ear Function Lauren Gonzales PhD Biomedical Sciences Inner Ear, Cochlear, Hearing, Comparative biology, Morphotype
Contaminated Mesh- VHR Jeremy Warren Surgery Contaminated mesh
Sea urchins treated +/- PAF and RNAseq on whole embryos and cfDNA on blastocoel fluid Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences blastocoel fluid
Human survivable aneuploidies and aneuploid vs. euploid Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences Embryo, aneuploid, euploid, DNA, gene expression, blastocoel fluid
Embryo Research Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences Sea urchins treated with +/-PAF and then measure intracellular Ca+2 release
Arteriovenous fistulas in non-hemodialysis patients: A contemporary analysis of a forgotten alternative to venous access Christopher Carsten Surgery TBD
Comparing Y90 Radioembolization and DEB-TACE for Unresectable Hepatocellular Carcinoma with evaluation of ALBI Grade and Child-Pugh Score as prognostic indicators Christine Schammel, PhD Pathology Hepatocellular Carcinoma treatment options: Y90 (TARE), DEB-TACE, Sorafenib
Human Economics Project on IVF Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences IVF, OB/GYN
Management of Mesh Infection Jeremy Warren Surgery hernia repair, general surgery, mesh infection
Mouse reversine treatment (aneuploiud vs euploid) with cfDNA, RNAseq and RT-PCR Renee Chosed Biomedical Sciences embryo, aneuploid, euploid, cfDNA, OBGYN, reversine, embryos, implantation
Colorectal Cancer Christine Schamel Pathology I will be assisting with this project
Implementation of Group Medical Visits for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at a Community-Based Primary Care Clinic Shannon Taylor PhD Family Medicine Diabetes
Endometrial BCL6 testing for predicting IVF outcomes: a cohort study Bruce Lessey, M.D. OBGYN BCL6, endometriosis, IVF
Comparison of SPECT/CT and 2-D Planar Lymphoscintigraphy for Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy in Melanoma of the Head and Neck Christine Schammel Surgery Melanoma, SPECT, CT, SLNB
Cost Analysis: Port Placement in the OR vs. IR Christine Schammel Pathology Chemo Port, Cost Analysis, Operating Room vs. Interventional Radiology
Patient Satisfaction is Influenced by Physician Stress and Workload Phillip Moschella Emergency Medicine patient satisfaction, physician fatigue, workload, emergency
Treatment of Acute Migraine with Sphenopalatine Ganglion Block in the Emergency Department Phillip Moschella Emergency Medicine migraine, acute, sphenopalatine ganglion, nerve block, emergency
Bacterial Contamination of Various Surfaces in the Emergency Department Phillip Moschella Emergency Medicine bacteria, surface contamination, cleaning, emergency
Retention of Medical Knowledge across the First Year of Medical School. Matthew Tucker Neuroscience Medical Students
Marital and Parental Status, Exercise, and Cardiac Biomarkers. Irfan Asif, MD Family Medicine marriage
Accurate Diagnosis of B Cell ALL Mutations Using Karyotyping and Fluorescence In-Situ Hybridization (FISH) in Adolescent/Young Adult and Adult Populations Christine Schammel Pathology B-ALL, cytogenetics, FISH, AYA
Blastocoel Cell-Free DNA: A marker of embryonic quality William Roudebush Biomedical Sciences cfDNA, embryo, apoptosis
HPV Vaccination Rates in Greenville Health System ObGyn Center Postpartum Lauren Demosthenes OBGYN HPV Vaccination Rates in Greenville Health System ObGyn Center Postpartum
Significant Impact of Body Mass Index on a Modified Sperm motility-Morphology Algorithm William Roudebush Surgery Fertility
Risk Factors for Failure of Valgus Impacted Femoral Neck Fractures in the Elderly After Internal Fixation John Adams Orthopaedics Valgus impacted hip fractures, elderly population, arthroplasty, cancellous screws, femur, fracture
Guided Growth Strategies in Pediatric Limb Deficiencies David Westberry Other limb deficiency, amputee, hemiepiphysiodesis, pediatric, genu valgus, genu varus
The relationship between leptin and insulin like factor 3 in preeclampsia. (working title) Lisa Green OBGYN The relationship between leptin and insulin like factor 3 in preeclampsia. Interaction between leptin and insulin like factor 3 in causing preeclampsia.
Surgical Palliative Care Consults at UNM Bridget Fahy Surgery Surgery
Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) management with neoadjuvant radiation therapy: better responses with higher doses? Christine Schammel Pathology Non-small cell lung cancer
Renal Cell Carcinoma Metastasis to the Pancreas: A Well-Documented Rare Event Christine Schammel Pathology Renal Cell Carcinoma
Transverse Colonic Volvulus: A Rare Case of a 21 Year Old Female Christine Schammel Pathology Transverse Colonic Volvulus
Socioeconomic Status and Gastric Cancer in Chile: A Brief Snapshot Christine Schammel Pathology Socioeconomic Status
Eosinophilic Cholangitis: A Small Case Series and Review of the Literature Christine Schammel Pathology Eosinophilic Cholangitis
Novel Method for Drainage of a Biliary Cystadenoma Christine Schammel Pathology Novel
Transgender Suicidal Risk, Ideation and Completion Pre and Post Transition. Benjamin Griffeth Psychiatry Transgender, Suicide, Psychiatry, Transition, SRS, Hormone Replacement Therapy, HRT, Sex Reassignment Surgery
Concussion Management in Scholastic Athletes Vicki Nelson Family Medicine Concussion, Sports Medicine, Family Medicine, Athletes
Individual Human Galectin-9 Domains Display Distinct Antimicrobial Properties Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences Galectin
Biomarkers of Endometriosis Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences Endometriosis is a chronic, relapsing condition characterized by implantation and growth of endometrial glands or stroma onto the outside of the uterus as well as onto the surface of other nearby organs (bladder, bowel, ovaries). Laparoscopic surgery is still the gold standard for diagnosis of endometriosis, but it is an invasive and expensive procedure efficient to detect medium to advanced stages of endometriosis. Currently available non-invasive blood, urine and saliva diagnostic tests for endometriosis are not very accurate, especially at early stages of the disease. Several biomarkers were recently discovered by the Lessey lab to be strongly associated with the presence of endometriosis including in its early stages. Those biomarkers include oncogenes BCL6 and KRAS, and a histone modifying enzyme SIRT1. In addition, serum protein galectin-9 was recently identified as an additional biomarker (Brubel et al, 2017).
Galectin Review Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences Galectin, Cerebrovascular Disease, Cerebrovascular Accident, CVA, Stroke, Gal-#, Galectin-#
Antimicrobial Properties of Galectin-9 Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences Gal-9, Galectin-9, Antimicrobial, Gal-#, Galectin-#
Non-Invasive Diagnostic Biomarker of Endometriosis Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences Endometriosis, SIRT-1, Gal-9, Galectin-9, Gal-#, Galectin-#
ZAK and its Role in Split Hand Foot Malformation Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences Bioinformatics, Genetics, ZAK, Split Hand Foot Malformation, Leucine Zipper and Sterile Alpha Motif Kinase, Protein Modeling, RNA Modeling, Protein Prediction
Endometriosis project Anna Blenda Biomedical Sciences endometriosis
The Greenville Protocol: A Simpler and Gentler Form of Image-Guided Hypofractionated Radiotherapy for Central and Peripheral Lung Early Stage NSCLC Christine Schammel Pathology Non-small Cell Lung Cancer
Nutrition and Nonunion Kyle Jeray Orthopedics Nonunion
Shaken baby video compliance project Ann Blair Kennedy Biomedical Sciences Newborn, Nursery, DEHEC, parental education, nurse training, anticipatory guidance, technology implementation
Use of ipads for Shaken Baby Syndrome Video Ann Blair Kennedy Biomedical Sciences patient education
mplementation of Group Medical Visits for Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus at a Community-Based Primary Care Clinic John Emerson Family Medicine Type 2 Diabetes, multidisciplinary, Primary Care, Family Medicine
Patient Perception of Important Values in OB/GYN Providers Ann Blair Kennedy Biomedical Sciences obgyn, values, ethics, personality traits, characteristics
Review Article of Cell Population Markers in Sarcoidosis Sergio Arce Biomedical Sciences sarcoidosis, B cells, T cells, immunology, serum markers
Histological Characterization of Hernia Mesh Fixation Points Melinda Harman Surgery collagen, hernia, hernia mesh, histology, fixation points, tacks, suture, biomechanics, bioengineering
Distal radius fractures Gregory Faucher Orthopaedics distal radius fractures
Granular Cell Tumors Christine Schammel Pathology Granular Cell Tumor
Trichiasis and dry eye syndrome in two patients on novel FGFR inhibitor therapies Catherine Baston Surgery FGFR inhibitor, trichiasis, dry eye, AZD4547, INCB054828
Volunteer Experience as a Part of Resident Education: Impact on Physician Residents Elizabeth Page Bridges Emergency Medicine "free clinics" "resident education" "residents" "volunteer" "underserved"
Medical Student Advocates for Diversity and Inclusion Drive Change -- Program Design and Implementation Ann Blair Kennedy Other "medical students" "education" "medical education" "evaluation" diversity" "inclusion" "program evaluation" "evaluation" "advocacy"
Centering and Racial Disparities (CRADLE study) Amy Crockett OBGYN Centering, pre-term labor, pre-term complications, racial disparities, infant mortality, prenatal care
Elevated Average Maximum Intrabolus Pressure on High Resolution Manometry is Associated with Esophageal Dysmotility and Delayed Esophageal Emptying on Timed Barium Esophagrams Steven Clayton Internal Medicine Esophageal Dysmotility