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School of Medicine Greenville

Student Affairs

Advisement and Careers in Medicine

The advising program and timeline are modeled upon the AAMC Careers in Medicine (CiM); these activities are coordinated through the Office of Student Affairs, the Office of Academic Affairs and the Office of Clinical Education. 

Advising Program

As a part of the Colleges Program, all students are assigned to a College Advising Team. The advising team will serve all students assigned to their respective college (M1-M4).

Each College Advising Team consists of:

An Associate Dean, providing leadership oversight to support students with personal, social and/or academic concerns.

Two Career Counselors, who are clinical faculty providing career counseling and assistance with M3/M4 scheduling and specialty choice. Career Counselors are required to meet at least once per semester with all (M1 thru M4) students assigned to their college.

A Success Coach providing support for students with personal and/or academic concerns. Success Coaches are required to meet at least once per semester with all M1 and M2 students assigned to their college and with M3/M4 students upon request. Supervised by the Director, Student Success Initiatives, all coaches have experience working with students in a counseling and/or mentoring role. Coaches are annually engaged in professional development workshops on USMLE exam preparation, study strategies, recognition of anxiety, depression, stress, stress management, work-life balance, time management and the assessment of academic performance.

Two College Community Mentors, who are clinical faculty providing assistance and resources to student leaders in the coordination of college social events and programs focused on personal wellness and community engagement. Community mentors are required to schedule at least one (1) social event per semester of each academic year.

Two Residents from the Health System Partner providing peer-mentorship and encouragement to students.

A Librarian, providing support to access resources, question banks, and research materials to support the overall academic success of students in each college.

A Student Leader to represent each class (determined by College election). 


Careers in Medicine (CiM)

Career Counselors are trained clinical faculty members that advise our students about their medical career options and appropriate pathways to reaching their career goals. In addition to sharing their personal knowledge and wisdom, they will guide our students along this journey using tools provided by the AAMC.

CiM Timeline

  • Orientation to Careers in Medicine (CiM)
  • Connect with your Career Counselor

Understand Yourself

  • CompleteCiM self-assessments
  • Review your assessment results with your Career Counselor

Explore Options

  • Begin gathering basic information about specialties of interest
  • Attend specialty interest groups and information panels
  • Compare your assessment results to the information you’ve gathered about specialties
  • Meet with Career Counselor to plan your third-year schedule
  • Take USMLE® Step 1
  • Keep notes on reflections after each clinical rotation
  • Join appropriate specialty associations and organizations

Choose a Specialty

  • Meet with your Career Counselor & Specialty Advisor to discuss your top specialty preferences & competitiveness
  • Meet with Career Counselor to plan fourth-year schedule
  • Complete clinical rotations according to specialty map
  • Submit requests for Visiting Rotations at other institutions (if applicable)

Prepare for Residency

  • Register with ERAS and begin preparing residency application materials
  • Request letters of recommendation from faculty in your chosen specialty(ies)
  • Begin reviewing and comparing residency programs
  • Register for Residency Match programs
  • Take USMLE Step 2
  • Meet with Career Counselors to review residency application materials
  • Submit residency applications
  • Interview with residency programs
  • Rank your selections for the NRMP Main Residency Match
  • Match Day !!!!

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