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Darla Moore School of Business

Dean's Report

I am delighted to present my biennial report [pdf] on the State of the Darla Moore School of Business. The report summarizes changes and progress over the last two years and introduces new initiatives now underway across the school.

Within the report, you will learn that the undergraduate program transformation (now colloquially called the Undergraduate Excellence Initiative) that began nearly three years ago is alive and well and is proceeding as expected. You will also read about a 2016-17 graduate program review and improvements made to the full-time International MBA program, as well as about a strengthening of our Office of Career Management and an effort to expand alumni engagement in new regions across the United States. A Moore School financial report providing detail on sources and uses of funds, and information on next year’s centennial of the founding of the USC School of Commerce in 1919, conclude the report.

The most important new aspect of the Undergraduate Excellence Initiative is the move to standardize quantitative education so all students graduate with a data proficiency and analytical capability that equips them for high-value work in the field of their choosing. Enhanced data analysis coursework and a new Moore School Virtual Data Lab are launching for all sophomores in the coming school year. In combination with the existing business analytics concentration now offered, the school will provide undergraduates an unsurpassed data, analytical and functional education.

As the business school at the University of South Carolina, the Moore School’s priority remains to produce world-class research and world-class graduates. The many academic initiatives described in the report are designed to enhance academic rigor and to equip all students (undergraduate and graduate) to work in the complex and changing global marketplace they will face. Corporate partners report Moore School graduates are up to this challenge, and the number of companies recruiting at the school continues to grow.

To those who already give their time, treasure and talent, we are deeply grateful for your support. If you have not yet engaged with the school, I encourage you to find the place that best suits your interests. Whether you're an alumnus helping with internships or full-time employment, a corporate partner working with one of 10 centers to solve an intractable business problem, a donor offering much-needed student scholarships, or a business executive wishing to support a path-breaking academic initiative, your contribution will help us continue to change lives, one student at a time.

We look forward to celebrating continued progress during the Moore School centennial in 2019, and happy reading about your school!


Dean Peter Brews, Ph.D.

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