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Darla Moore School of Business

Speaker Series

The Moore School provides opportunities for students and faculty to gain valuable insights into a variety of business topics through presentations made by our colleagues at other universities as well as business leaders. As a leading business school, our goal is to broaden the knowledge of our community and share insights into the evolving business environment.


April 5
Amy Hageman (Kansas State University)

March 22
Pat Wheeler (University of South Florida)

March 1
Justin Lieby (University of Florida)

Feb. 8
Matthew D. DeAngelis (Georgia State University)


Nov. 2
Martin Schmidt (ESCP Europe - Berlin), "Model-based fair values for financial instruments: relevance or reliability? Conjoint measurement-based evidence"

Palmetto Symposium on Experimental Accounting Research, Day 2
May 18
David A Wood (Brigham Young University), "Innovative Accounting Interviewing: A Comparison of Real and Virtual Accounting Interviewers"
Jennifer Joe (University of Delaware), "How Following Regulatory Guidance Can Increase Auditors' Litigation Risk Exposure"
Jeffrey Hales (Georgia Institute of Technology), "Curbing Earnings Management: Experimental Evidence on How Clawback Provisions and Board Monitoring Affect Managers' Use of Discretion"

Palmetto Symposium on Experimental Accounting Research, Day 1
May 17
Donald Moser (University of Pittsburgh), "Performance Measurement and Pay Dispersion"
Diana Falsetta (University of Miami), "Decision Making Under Tax Provision Uncertainty: The Case of Sunsets"

Feb. 23
Frank Hodge (University of Washington), "The Effect of Humanizing Robo-Advisors on Investor Judgments"


Nov. 17
Robert Knechel (University of Florida), "Competitive Rivalry in Audit Markets"

Nov. 10
Jeremy Lill (Georgia State University), "The Effects of Managerial Discretion Timing and Managers' Relative Performance Information on Worker Performance, Trust, and Reciprocity"

Sept. 8
Khim Kelly (University of Central Florida), "Using a Game-of-Chance to Motivate Employee Learning: Evidence from the Field"

April 14
Tim Rupert (Northeastern University), "The Effect of Tax Expense Management and CSR Performance on Investor Perceptions and Behavior"

March 31
Lisa Koonce (University of Texas), "Text versus video: The effect of non-verbal cues on investor judgments about forward-looking disclosures"

March 24
Shane Dikolli (Duke University), "CFO co-option and CEO compensation"

March 3
Willie Choi (University of Pittsburgh), "The Performance Effects of Tangible Versus Cash Rewards: The Mediating Role of Categorization"


Nov. 18
Mark Zimbelman (Brigham Young University), "How Auditors' Creativity Influences Their Recognition of Responses to Fraud Risk"

Oct. 28
Adam Vitalis (Georgia Tech), "A dollar for a tree or a tree for a dollar? The behavioral effects of measurement basis on CSR investment decisions"

Aug. 26
Kevin Jackson (University of Illinois), "The Effects of Managers' Strategic Disclosure Responses to Negative Media-Mentions on Investors' Judgments"

April 1
Shane Stinson (University of Alabama), "The Effects of Income Tax Timing & Goal Feedback on Employees' Retirement Investment Decisions"


Sept. 25
Anne Magro (George Mason University), "The Potential of the Review Process to Detect & Mitigate Advocacy Bias"

April 24
Bowe Hansen (Virginia Tech) will present his research, title to be announced

March 27
Kee Jae Hong (University of North Carolina - Charlotte) presented "The Expected Rate of Return on Equity Capital Implied by Analysts’ Forecasts of Earnings and Target Prices” (co-authored with Zhi Da and Peter Easton).

Feb. 20
Alan Webb (Waterloo University), “The Effects of Hedonic Gift Card Rewards Versus Cash Rewards in a Sales Tournament: A Field Experiment,” co-authored with Khim Kelly (University of Waterloo) and Adam Presslee (University of Pittsburgh)

Feb. 6
Vicki Dickinson (Ole Miss), "Leaders vs. Laggards: Conditional Firm Life Cycle and its Effect on Operating and Market Performance," (co-author, Brett Cantrell, University of Mississippi)


Oct. 17
Joe Brazel (NC State), David A. Bush Distinguished Lecturer, "Hindsight Bias and Professional Skepticism," (co-authors, Scott Jackson, USC; Tammie Schaefer, Univ. of Missouri; and Bryan Stewart, BYU)

Sept. 26
Mark Nelson (Cornell University), "Reporting Accounting Changes and Their Multi-Period Effects," (co-author, Scott Emett, New York University)

Sept. 19
Shankar Venkataraman (Georgia Tech), "More than Just Frequency: The Effect of Guidance Consistency on Investor Judgment," (co-author, Michael Tang, New York University)

April 11
Velina Popova (Virginia Tech), "Are Non-professional Investors' Attitudes Consistent with their Behaviors toward Earnings Management?"

March 28
Marcus Doxey (University of Alabama), "Communication Risk in External Auditing: A Model of Client Knowledge Sharing and Withholding"


Oct. 25
Alex Woods (College of William & Mary), "Consistency and Organizational Justice: The role of calibration committees in subjective performance evaluation systems (co-authored with Karen Sedatole: Michigan State University)"

Oct. 11
Joel Owens (University of South Carolina), "Rational Selections and Earnings Management"

Sept. 13
Charles Boster (University of South Carolina), "An Experimental Investigation of the Effects of Mutual Shared Interest on Honest in Managerial Reporting (co-authored with Michael Majerczyk, University of South Carolina)"

July 11
Marsha Keune (University of South Carolina), "Local Audit Market Competition: The Determinants and Effects of Non-Big N Leadership"

March 22
David Wood, (Brigham Young University), "Recruiting Internal Auditors: The Effect of Using the Internal Auditor Function as a Management Training Group and Performing Consulting Services"

Feb. 15
Beth Vermeer (Drexel University), "IRS Oversight, Client Risk, and Tax Professionals: Does Increased Control Deter Aggressive Decision Making?"

Feb. 12
Jason Rasso (University of Florida), "The Influence of Mindsets on Professional Skepticism in Auditors"

 Jan. 25
Bryan Stikeleather (University of Pittsburgh), "Relying on goodwill versus financial self-interest to induce whistle-blowing on internal misconduct"


Nov. 19
Jon Pyzoha (Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University), "The Effects of Executive Compensation and Auditor Specialization on CFO Decision-Making during a Potential Restatement That Will Lead to a 'Clawback'"

Nov. 9
Steve Kachelmeier (University of Texas - Austin), "Be Careful What You Wish For: The Effects of Communicated Values on Performance-Based Incentives"

April 13
Thomas Vance (University of Waterloo), "The Moderating Effects of Ex Post Subjectivity on the Relation between Goal Difficulty and Performance"

April 6
Lillian Mills (University of Texas-Austin), "The Effect of Political Sensitivity and Bargaining Powe on Taxes: Evidence from Federal Contractors"

March 16
Mohan Venkatachalam (Duke University), "Voice Pitch Predicts Labor Market Success"

Feb. 17
Stephen Brown (University of Florida), "Specialization Through Client Commonality and its Effect on Audit Production Costs"

Feb. 13
Timothy Brown (Cornell University), "Advantageous Comparison and the Slippery Slope to Fraud"

Feb. 10
Adam Vitalis (University of Wisconsin-Madison), "The Impact of Client-Specific Experience and Efficiency Pressure on Risk Assessment Effectiveness"

Feb. 3
Justin Lieby (University of Illinois), "How Do Consultants Persuade Managers to Adopt Management Control Systems?"


Nov. 14
Nicole Jenkins (Vanderbilt University), "Relevant but Delayed Information in Negotiated Audit Fees: Evidence from Stock Price Crashes"

Nov. 11
Bryan Church (Georgia Tech), "Shared Interest and Honesty in Budget Reporting"

Nov. 7
Mina Pond (Southern Methodist University), "The Impact of Internal Audit Function Quality and Contribution on Audit Delays"

Nov. 4
Bill Tayler (Emory University), "To Compensate or Control? Motivating Employees in a Multidimensional Task"

Oct. 14
Rick Hatifled (University of Alabama), "The Effect of the Social Mismatch Between Staff Auditors and Client Management on the Collection of Audit Evidence"

Sept. 30
Brooke Elliott (University of Illinois), "How Do Investors' Affective Reactions to Corporate Social Responsibility Performance Influence Their Estimates of Fundamental Value?"

April 8
Bob Libby (Cornell University), "Financial Statement Disaggregation and Auditors' Tolerance for Misstatement"

Feb. 11
Jim Hunton (Bentley University), "External Auditors' Reliance on the Internal Audit Function: The Role of Second-Order Belief Attribution"

Jan. 21
Dave Ziebart (University of Kentucky), "Does the choice of forecast precision reflect management's intentions to use irregularities?"


Nov. 5
Jeffrey Hales (Georgia Institute of Technology), "Accounting for Lease Renewal Options: The Tradeoff between Transaction Structuring and Informational Effect"

Sept. 24
Joseph Brazel (North Carolina State University), "Do Nonprofessional Investors React to Fraud Red Flags?"

April 2
Susan Jurney (University of Alabama), "The Effects of Varying Levels of Relevance and Reliability on Nonprofessional Investors' Judgment"


Nov. 13
Mark Peecher (University of Illinois), presented "Informal Consultation and Auditors' Belief Revision: The Effects of Advisor Affiliation and Advice Quality"

Oct. 30
Michael Williamson (University of Texas - Austin), presented "Corporate Social Responsibility and Implicit Contracting"

Oct. 2
Kathryn Kadous (Emory University), presented "When do Jurors Second-Guess Accounting Estimates? The Effects of Accounting Standard Structure and Accounting Norms on Auditor Liability"

April 15
Brian Mayhey (University of Wisconsin), presented "Self-Regulation: Experimental Evidence on Reputation and Peer Review"

April 3
Wayne Thomas (University of Oklahoma), presented "International Evidence on Analyst Stock Recommendations, Valuations, and Returns"

Feb. 27
Kevin Jackson (University of Illinois), presented "The Effect of Management Forecast Disaggregation on Investor's Susceptibility to Earnings Fixation"

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