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Darla Moore School of Business

    Business Analytics Portfolio

    The Business Analytics Portfolio of programs is designed to help managers and leaders utilize their organization’s data to improve their decision making process. Whether you have little to no experience in data analysis or are a well-versed analyst, our courses are designed to meet you where you are and increase your abilities in business analytics. Depending on your job function, area of focus, or level of expertise, you can delve further into the skills and tools that will prove most beneficial to your organization, including Excel, R, or Microsoft BI. Each of our Executive Development programs take place over a two or three-day session and will improve your effectiveness in your organization.

    Program Offerings

    Module I

    Module I - Data Analysis and Reporting Using Excel

    In this course, you will learn how to perform data analysis and reporting using MS Excel's most popular features. You will also learn how to create pivot tables and charts, and generate and interpret statistics and simple data visualizations such as histograms and scatterplots. (Can be bundled with Building Interactive Data Dashboards Using Microsoft Power BI.)

    Module II

    Module II - Advanced Excel for Business Insight

    This course will expand your knowledge of MS Excel, providing you with the skills needed to master advanced spreadsheet modeling, optimization models, regression and VBA, which will help you get your job done more quickly and easily. (Can be bundled with Building Interactive Data Dashboards Using Microsoft Power BI.)

    Module III

    Module III - Predictive Business Analytics Using "R"

    The open-source language “R” has emerged as one of the dominant tools used for statistical analyses. R provides decision makers with the ability to ask predictive questions of data to model different scenarios in order to make better quality business decisions.


    Building Interactive Data Dashboards Using Microsoft Power BI

    This course is designed to introduce managers to the best practices for creating data-focused dashboards using Power BI that provide real-time access to data queries and drill-down capable reports. (Can be bundled with Module I.)


    Making Better Evidence-Based Decisions with Business Analytics

    This course will help managers translate insights into business actions by becoming good consumers of data, knowing how to ask the right questions and overcoming their own decision making bias.


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