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Earsight Duo


Earsight Duo Residency

Winner of the 2015 SAVVY Chamber Competition, Earsight Duo pairs Peter Ferry's daring percussion with Xuan's virtuosic video art.

"Breathtaking...funny, boundary-pushing, thought-provoking."

- Democrat and Chronicle


Wendesday, March 30

Seminar Class
1:10 p.m., room 016

Winners fo the 2015 SAVVY Chamber Competition, Earsight Duo, demonstrate and discuss core elements of their collaborative art. Students encourter a new, innovative performance combining music and imagery into an art experience.

Mixed Media Class
4:40 p.m., McMaster Building, room 214

Combining classically trained musicianship with cutting edge video techniques is an evolutionary process. Earsight Duo provides overviews of, not only how they create their multi-dimensional pieces, but why. Follow as they share their journey from inception to award-winning duo.

Thursday, March 31

The 21st-Century Performer
8:30 a.m., room 106

Join Earsight Duo as they explore what it means to be a 21st-century performer by examining aspects of their professional careers: collaboration, teaching artistry, concert and tour booking, and moving beyond the purely musical conert experience.

Master Class: Percussion
4:45 p.m., room 059

Eastman percussion graduate, Peter Ferry of Earsight Duo, works with students during this master class led by USC's Scott Herring. Xuan, virtuosic video artist and fellow Eastman graduate, willjoin to share how video and percussion collide to create dynamic works of art.

Friday, April 1

Seminar Class: Compostion
2:30 p.m., room 210

Eastman graduates, Xuan and Peter Ferry, procide insight into the complications, challenges, and rewards of creating and discovering compositions for piano, percussion, and video.

Southern Exposure New Music Concert
7:30 p.m., Recital Hall

This concert promises to be in some respects its most adventurous: it features a world-renowned clarinet soloist and up-and-coming young percussion/video design duo, both of whom present striking, original visions of the concert experience. The Czech performer Dohnal, one of the world’s leading clarinetists, will present his engaging, critically-acclaimed interpretation of Karlheinz Stockhausen’s Harlekin (Harlequin, 1975), a costumed piece that includes elements of dance and pantomime – it was written for dancing clarinetist!  

Earsight Duo, Peter Ferry and Xuan, winners of USC’s 2015 Savvy Musician in Action Chamber Music Competition, are a duo that challenges the conventional notions of a chamber music partnership. Ferry, a virtuoso percussionist, has significant video and technology chops. Xuan, an acclaimed video designer, is also a classically trained pianist and is unusually well-suited to interpret music on the big screen. As a team, they create performances that blend percussion and video (and occasionally piano) with extraordinary sophistication, beauty and humor.

About Earsight Duo

Founded at the Eastman School of Music in 2010, Earsight Duo grew out of Peter Ferry and Xuan's shared impulses to experiment with music and film. After conservatory rehearsals and avant-garde film courses, they found time together to create artistic projects of their own imaginations.

Earsight Duo website

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.