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  • Quintet Sirocco

Chamber Music Competition

Quintet Sirocco – RUNNER UP

Founded in 2011 by graduate students at UNC Greensboro, Quintet Sirocco joins a small group of international ensembles dedicated to expanding the visibility of the reed quintet. Consisting of oboe, clarinet, bass clarinet, saxophone and bassoon, the reed quintet produces a unique range of tonal colors compared to other wind chamber ensembles. Sirocco regularly performs throughout central North Carolina, engaging audiences through innovative performances in concert halls, art galleries, coffee houses and other traditional and non-traditional locations. Sirocco’s current works focus on commissioning and performing new works for reed quintet with collaborations underway with composers Nicholas Rich and Joel Puckett.

Quintet Sirocco embraces the diversity of contemporary life through unique programming and outreach. The current members of Sirocco, Ronnal Ford (oboe), Xin Gao (saxophone), Cat Keen Hock (clarinet), Trevor Davis (bass clarinet) and Marian Graebert (bassoon), bring a wide range of experiences and interests to the group. Sirocco encompasses this variety in their performances. A typical program pairs disparate musical styles alongside one another, from baroque transcriptions to arrangements of impressionist piano works and new music commissioned for the ensemble, presented in unique ways. Sirocco strives to create performance experiences that engage and challenge audiences to embrace the diversity presented by the reed quintet. Join us on Facebook at and on Twitter @5Sirocco for performance updates.

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.