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School of Music

  • 2017 SAVVY


“I got more out of these four days than all the other corporate training I've had over the last 35 years.”  – Walter Martin, saxophonist; founder/president, NC Saxophone Ensemble

“This past weekend was a truly transformative experience for me! It felt great to be surrounded and inspired by you and all the amazing people that were involved in The SAVVY Musician in Action!”  – Christina Vlad, pianist and DMA candidate

"A real hands-on workshop whose application is genuinely practical and offers possibilities for a sustainable career in the arts." – anonymous survey comment

"It was everything I expected it to be, but nothing at all like I expected it to be." - Laurel Beatty, saxophonist, undergraduate music major

 “The retreat was inspirational and just all-around terrific. I was very impressed by how well thought out the whole event was – from beginning to end, every activity/lecture had purpose and continuum. Bravo!”  – Dylan Savage, associate professor of piano

“The retreat was a great opportunity for me to work with people who I wouldn't normally work with. Thanks for your vision to help us musicians realize our goals and dreams. It was a very inspiring four days and definitely an experience I will not soon forget!”  – Brian Quinian, jazz guitarist, undergraduate music major

“I was totally blown away with what the students accomplished in such a short period of time! It was also quite a learning experience for myself.”  – Justin Kantor, founder of Le Poisson Rouge

 “Every musician/artist needs this. Seriously…”  – Eric Damashek, hornist with C Street Brass

 “Best retreat I’ve attended. This was amazing AND life changing.”  – Sean Kleve, percussionist with Clocks in Motion

“I had no previous business background and this experience really helped me develop in that area. Really enjoyed the overall experience!”  – Brittany Helton, hornist, recent music school graduate

“This was an incredible experience in more ways than I can write here. I was challenged, inspired, encouraged and pushed to the edge from day one. Every single moment reinforced valuable lessons.”  – Clarinetist with Quintet Sirocco

“This program gave me an immeasurable number of ideas to use with my students and my own career.”  – anonymous survey comment

“Provided me with a concrete way to approach the seemingly lofty and crazy ideas I sometimes have.”  – Jaya Varma, violinist and arts administrator

“Through SAVVY, I have realized that this kind of entrepreneurship is imperative as a skill in furthering my career as a musician.”  – anonymous survey comment

Challenge the conventional. Create the exceptional. No Limits.