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College of Nursing

Student Scholars & Research Opportunities

Duties at the ACORN Center: Research Assistant

Why do you enjoy working with the ACORN Center research: When the position for a Research Assistant at the ACORN Center arose, I immediately took advantage of it. I always enjoy taking on and experiencing new ways to enhance my work ethics as well as my academic career. To work with the ACORN Center means that I have the opportunity to learn something new and develop some research skills that will help me in the future - which is why I enjoy it so much.

Duties at the ACORN Center: Assisting with data collection, data management and analysis. Conduct literature reviews and participate in research team meetings. Assist in preparing posters and other scholarly products.

Research focus: Dementia Patient, Geriatric

Why do you enjoy working with the ACORN Center research: I love learning and improving my research skills. I choose the ACORN center because I enjoy working with older adults and the center performs research on the senior population.

Duties at the ACORN Center: Assisting Dr. Corbett and Lizzy Combs, the project coordinator, in enrolling patients in studies, doing data analysis and data entry, working to help PhD students with any research they need done and literature reviews to help with grant writing.

Research Focus: So far most of the focus has been with smart technology and aging populations, though we also helped with some work focused on Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome.

Why I enjoy working for the ACORN center:  The ACORN Center provided me with my first research experience and showed me how much of an impact I can make in the community. I'm interested in the intersection of research and hands-on patient and/or participant experience which I get both of at ACORN. My clinical interests can be matched with innovative ideas about taking care of others through research opportunities at ACORN.

Duties at the ACORN Center:  Assisting with all aspects of the research process.

Research focus: My research focus is on therapeutic options for women with chronic conditions to promote healthy lifestyle behaviors, manage symptoms, and reduce risk for comorbidities.

Why do you enjoy working with the ACORN Center research: I have the opportunities to work with and learn from expert research scientists, participate in a collaborative environment, and develop skills for my research efforts.


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