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College of Nursing

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Jennifer M. Hulett, PhD, APRN, FNP-BC

Title: Assistant Professor
College of Nursing
Phone: 803-576-6518

College of Nursing
University of South Carolina
1601 Greene Street, Room 622
Columbia, SC 29208-4001 
United States 



Dr. Hulett is an Assistant Professor of Nursing in the University of South Carolina College of Nursing. Her program of research focuses on mindfulness-based interventions to reduce chronic stress and inflammation in breast cancer survivors and improve health outcomes in the extended survivorship continuum. Dr. Hulett’s current project explores breast cancer survivors’ physiological responses to a Mantram Repetition program.

Dr. Hulett’s clinical background is a board-certified family and pediatric nurse practitioner since 1999. Her nurse practitioner practice settings have included rural health family practice, cardiology, dermatology, and urgent care. Her registered nursing experience includes critical care and emergency department settings. Dr. Hulett has received several awards for her research including the 2016 University of Missouri Dissertation Award for the Biological and Life Sciences, the 2014 University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing Alumni Association PhD Student Award for Overall Excellence, and the International Society of Lymphology’s 2013 Presidential Prize for Distinguished Research Award (Young Lymphologist).

Prior to joining the USC College of Nursing, Dr. Hulett completed a two-year NIH/NINR T32 postdoctoral fellowship at the University of Utah College of Nursing in “Cancer, Aging, and End-of-Life Care.” She is an alumna of the University of Missouri Sinclair School of Nursing where she received a PhD in Nursing Science (2015), a Masters in Nursing with a Family Nurse Practitioner specialty (1999), and Bachelor’s in Nursing Science (1995).


Dr. Hulett has experience teaching undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral nursing courses. She has developed and taught health assessment for undergraduate nursing students and has taught Doctoral of Nursing Practice (DNP) students in social determinants of health and evidence-based nursing practice. As a nurse practitioner, Dr. Hulett has served as a clinical preceptor for numerous nurse practitioner students over the years. Her research projects have included BSN and PhD nursing student team members.


Dr. Hulett’s program of research focuses on reducing adverse health outcomes associated with chronic stress and neuroimmune inflammation in breast cancer survivors. Her line of research explores breast cancer survivors’ physiological responses to mindfulness-based therapies. Her research expertise includes:

  • Breast Cancer Survivorship
  • Psychoneuroimmunological Measures
  • Mindfulness-based Practices
  • Spirituality

Dissemination (selected)

Hulett, JM, Johnstone, B, Armer, JM, Millspaugh, R, Millspaugh, J. (Accepted, 2018, April). Religious and spiritual variables associated with neuroimmune biomarker activity in breast cancer survivors. (Poster). 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. New Orleans, LA.

Hulett, JM, Fessele, KF, Clayton, MF, Eaton, LH. (2017, March). Relationships between salivary diurnal cortisol and cancer survivorship outcomes: A systematic review. (Poster) 39th Annual Meeting and Scientific Sessions of the Society of Behavioral Medicine. San Diego, CA.

Clayton, MF, Hulett, JM, Kaur, K, Reblin, M, Ellington, L, Xu, J. (2016, Sept.). Supportive hospice nurse-caregiver communication on the day of patient death. (Podium). Council for the Advancement of Nursing Science: State of the Science Conference. Washington, DC.

Clayton, MF, Ellington, L, Reblin, M, Wilson, A, Latimer, S, Hulett, JM, Xu, J. (2016, Sept.). Home hospice communication on the day of patient death. (Podium). 14th International Conference European Association for Communication in Healthcare. Heidelberg, Germany. 

Hulett, JM, Armer, JM, Leary, E, Stewart, BR, McDaniel, R, Smith, K, Millspaugh, R, Millspaugh, J. (2016, March). Relationships between religious and spiritual beliefs, personality, and the cortisol awakening response in breast cancer survivors. (Poster). 13th American Psychosocial Oncology Society (APOS) Annual Conference.

Hulett, JM, Armer, JM, Leary, E, Stewart, BR, McDaniel, R, Smith, K, Millspaugh, R, Millspaugh, J. (2015, Nov.). Spiritual beliefs, personality, health outcomes, and the cortisol awakening response in breast cancer survivors. (Poster). The Gerontological Society of America’s 68th Annual Scientific Meeting. Orlando, FL. 

Hulett, JM, Armer, JM, Leary, E, Stewart, BR, McDaniel, R, Smith, K, Millspaugh, R, Millspaugh, J. (2015, May). Impact of religious and spiritual beliefs on neuroendocrine function in breast cancer survivors. (Invited Podium). Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology 2015 Spring Meeting. Oncology Nursing Group. Chicago, IL. 

Hulett, JM, Armer, JM, Stewart, BR, & Wanchai, A. (2013, Sept.). Navigating the extended survivorship continuum: Breast cancer survivors’ perspectives from diagnosis through 84-months post-treatment. (Oral poster). 24th Congress of the International Society of Lymphology. Rome, Italy. 

Professional Service

Dr. Hulett serves as a manuscript reviewer for interdisciplinary and nursing journals including Breast, Qualitative Health Research, Cancer Nursing, and Psycho-Oncology. She is an active member of several interdisciplinary professional organizations including Society of Behavioral Medicine and American Psychosocial Oncology Society. Dr. Hulett is also an active member of professional nursing organizations including Sigma Theta Tau International, Southern Nursing Research Society, the Council of Advancement of Nursing Science, and the Oncology Nursing Society. 

Professional Practice

  • Rural Health Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Cardiology
  • Dermatology
  • Occupational/ Employee Health
  • Intensive Care
  • Emergency Department 

Research Studies

Exploring Feasibility of a Mantram Repetition in Southern Breast Cancer Survivors. $18,000. University of South Carolina College of Nursing Seed Grant.  Principal Investigator: 2017 - Present

Interdisciplinary Training in Cancer, Aging, and End-of-Life Care. $121,200. National Institute of Health (NIH) National Research Service Award (NRSA), National Institute of Nursing Research (NINR) Training Grant: T32NR01456. Awardee: 2015-2017.

Methods of Salivary Biomarker Assessment in Cancer Survivorship Research. $5,600. Ellis Fischel Cancer Center Donor Fund. Principal Investigator: 2015-2017.

Describing Day of Death. $500. Sigma Theta Tau International, Gamma Rho Chapter. Co-Principal Investigator: 2016.

Impact of Religious and Spiritual Beliefs on Neuroendocrine Function in Breast Cancer Survivors. Sigma Theta Tau International, Alpha Iota Chapter- $2500; University of Missouri Disciplinary Center on Aging, Research Enrichment, and Dissemination (READ)- $2000; Mizzou Advantage, B. Johnstone Project- $1000; Mizzou Advantage, J. Armer Project-$500 Principal Investigator: 2013-2015. 

Publications (*peer-reviewed; #data-based)

*#Hulett, JM, Armer, JM, Leary, E, Stewart, BR, McDaniel, R, Smith, K, Millspaugh, R, & Millspaugh, J. (2017, Epub ahead of print). Religiousness, spirituality, and salivary cortisol in breast cancer survivorship: A pilot study. Cancer Nursing: An International Journal for Cancer Care. PMCID: PMC5125023. 

*#Clayton, MF; Hulett, J; Kaur, K; Reblin, M; Wilson, A; Ellington, L. (2017). Nursing Support of Home Hospice Caregivers on the Day of Cancer Patient Death. Oncology Nursing Forum, 44(4), 457-464. PMCID: PMC5480962.

*#Reblin, M, Clayton, MF, Xu, J, Hulett, J, Latimer, S, Donaldson, G, & Ellington, L. (2016, Epub ahead of print). Caregiver, patient, and nurse visit communication patterns in cancer home hospice. Psycho-Oncology. PMCID: PMC5489378.

*#Hulett, JM & Armer, JM. (2016). A systematic review of spiritually-based interventions and psychoneuroimmunological outcomes in breast cancer survivorship. Integrative Cancer Therapies, 15(4), 405-423. PMCID: PMC4493495.

*#Hulett, JM, Armer, JM, Stewart, BR, & Wanchai, A. (2015). Perspectives of the breast cancer survivorship continuum: Diagnosis through 30 months post-treatment. Journal of Personalized Medicine, 5(2), 174-190. PMCID: PMC4493495.

*Armer, JM, Hulett, JM, Bernas, M, Ostby, P, Stewart, BR, & Cormier, JN. (2013) Best-practice guidelines in assessment, risk reduction, management, and surveillance for post-breast cancer lymphedema. Current Breast Cancer Reports, 5(2), 134-144. PMCID: PMC4523280. 

Book Chapter

Armer, JM, Hulett, JM, Cormier, JN, Stewart, BR, Wanchai, A, & Cromwell, K. (2015). Lymphedema and its impact on quality of life. In Lymphedema: Complete Medical and Surgical Management, Neligan, P, Masia, J, & Piller, N. (Eds.). Boca Raton, FL: Taylor & Francis, LLC. ISBN 9781482241099.