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Selina (Tena) Hunt McKinney, PhD, APRN, PMHNP-BC

Title: Associate Professor
College of Nursing
Phone: 803-777-0925
Fax: 803-777-0552


Dr. Tena McKinney completed a master’s of science in nursing from the University of South Carolina College of Nursing with a concentration in adult primary care and psychiatric-mental health advanced practice nursing.  Dr. McKinney earned a PhD from the Arnold School of Public Health with an emphasis in health services, policy and management. She then completed a two-year, research fellowship at Duke University School of Nursing where she studied nursing home quality outcomes, nurse turnover and nursing practice.


Dr. McKinney practices as a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner in a primary care practice and works toward integration of mental health services in primary care settings.  Dr. McKinney enjoys guest lecturing in the nursing undergraduate program, teaching population health to doctoral students, and has a primary assignment in the graduate psychiatric-mental health nurse practitioner program.


In 2016, Dr. McKinney shifted her scholarship focus to better align with her clinical expertise and teaching activities. She now focus on operationalizing strategies to improve mental health care access in South Carolina through recruitment of rural nurses for graduate PMHNP preparation and development of an interprofessional teleclinical program for health professions students.  To achieve this, Dr. McKinney builds innovative, interprofessional education and practice models. She contributes to the development of the Connected Health Center at the College of Nursing through grant funding from the Duke Endowment, the Fullerton Foundation and the Blue Cross Blue Shield of South Carolina Foundation. 

Dr. McKinney also provides leadership on grants to increase the number of rural mental health care providers and to develop telemental health education for undergraduate and graduate nursing students.


Dr. McKinney’s dissemination activities include local, state, regional and national podium presentations related to practice.

McKinney, S.H. & Mitchell, S. (April 2016). NP Student Board Failure Risk Assessment and Remediation Planning. Presented at the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty, Annual Meeting. April 16, 2016. Seattle, Washington. 

Berger, K.C., McKinney, S.H., & Burgess, S. (April 2015). Developing a PMHNP Program with a Fully Integrated Neuroscience Foundation. Presented at the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty, Annual Meeting. April 24, 2015. Baltimore, Maryland. 

Burgess, S., McKinney, S.H. (June 2014) Nurse Managed Health Centers: Turning the Affordable Care Act into Action. Presented at the 2014 National Nursing Centers Consortium Conference.  June 9, 2014. Alexandria, VA.  


McKinney, S.H. (November 9-11, 2014).  An Ecosystem Approach to Overcrowding and Other Clinical Challenges.  Podium presentation.  Presented at the 2014 Annual meeting, Southern Regional Education Board, Nursing education division. Atlanta, GA. 


McKinney, S.H. (March 28, 2017). Between OK and ER: Collaboration, Training and Service Penetration with Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners. Presented at the South Carolina Telehealth Association Annual Meeting. March 28, 2017. Columbia, SC.

McKinney, S.H. & Burgess, S. (April 9, 2016). Leveraging Telemental Health for PMHNP Education and Training in Underserved Counties in South Carolina. Presented at the South Carolina Institute for Primary Care. April 9, 2016. Charleston, SC.

McKinney, S.H. (October 2014)  MasterMind: Mastering Navigation of the Most Common Psychiatric Diagnoses. Invited presentation. Presented at the South Carolina Student Nurses Association Annual Meeting. October 2014. Charleston, SC.      


McKinney, S.H. (March 8, 2016). Leveraging mental health care access in SC through PMHNP training. Presented at the March meeting of the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, Mental Health Center Directors Meeting. March 8, 2016. Columbia, SC.

Professional Service 

Dr. McKinney is the president-elect and acting secretary of the South Carolina Nurses Association and recently held the Commission Chair of Professional Development and Advocacy for the Association. She participated on the American Nurses’ Association Special Interest Panel related to enacting full practice scope for BSN nurses in health systems. Dr. McKinney is a member of the National Organization of Nurse Practitioner Faculty, the American Psychiatric Nurses Association and the National League of Nursing. 

Professional Practice

In addition to her scholarship and teaching, Dr. McKinney practices as a psychiatric nurse practitioner at Carolina Family Practice.  She has provided services to underserved populations in rural and inner-city communities in SC since 1993. Dr. McKinney is the recipient of numerous awards including the USC Clinical Practice Teaching Award, National League of Nursing in SC Excellence in Teaching Award, South Carolina Nurses Foundation’s Palmetto Gold, the NLN Isabel Hampton Robb Award for Outstanding Leadership in Clinical Practice, and the SC Nurses Association President’s Award for Outstanding Service. 

Research Studies (Selected)

HRSA: 2017-2018 National Rural Health Nursing Capacity and Needs. Co-PI. 

Duke Endowment: 2017-2019 TeleCon: Expanding Collaboration and Comprehensive Service Penetration. PI. 

BCBSSC Foundation: 2015-2018 Leveraging Mental Health Provider Access in Underserved Counties in South Carolina. Co-I.    

Fullerton Foundation: 2016-2017 Leveraging Mental Health Access in South Carolina with Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner and Telemental Health. Co-I. 

National Student Nurses Association: 2015-2016 PsychSim: Psychiatric Simulation to Maintain and Expand BSN Enrollment. PI.    

Publications (selected)

McKinney, S. H., Herman, J., & Tavakoli, A.H. (2016).  PSYCONNECT: Constructing layered engagement for optimal learning in clinical education. Journal of Nursing Education, 55(9), 541-543. 

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